1851 Navy Revolver Found While Magnet Fishing

You can find a lot of cool stuff while magnet fishing. That is the best part of the hobby, you never know what you're going to find. I love going through videos and websites and seeing what others find.

While scrolling through the magnet fishing subreddit, I found an awesome post by u/AllSphere. He found an 1851 Navy Revolver! How cool is that?

He thought this gun was an 1861 Navy Revolver, but it's actually an 1851. The main difference is the barrel. A 51 barrel will be octagonal while the 61 barrel is round like the 1860 Army.

Magnet fishing finds 1851 Navy Revolver
1851 Navy Revolver Found While Magnet Fishing
Image by: u/AllSphere0

Really a 1851 Navy Revolver ?

Okay, so it's not a REAL 1851 Navy Revolver. If it had been in the water for 150 years there's no way it would be in this great of shape. However, it is still a pretty awesome find. What he actually found is a replica. A Pietta reproduction made in Italy. You can buy one for about $200 from Cabela's. If it was a genuine artifact it would be worth a fortune!

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These guns are technically not even firearms according to the ATF. In my article about the laws of magnet fishing I mentioned turning guns over to the police, but with this find you might not have to. Which is good because they would probably just destroy it for no reason.

You see, these guns are black powder arms. This means for every shot you will need to measure out the powder in the cylinder, load the ball, cap it with grease to prevent flashover, and then you're ready to fire. Quite a tedious task.

The one good side is there isn't much regulation from a federal level. Depending on your state laws, you could potentially have one sent directly to your house, no questions asked.

Read the discussion about this awesome find here

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