Antiques, Jewelry, & More Found In Netherlands Magnet Fishing (Video)

YouTuber and magnet fisher Leigh Webber, also known as the Bondi Treasure Hunter, is a legend in the magnet fishing community. You can checkout his YouTube channel for a variety of his expeditions and the treasures he has pulled out magnet fishing from the depths of several canals in Europe. Using this method of treasure hunting, he was able to pull up not one, but two safes as well as other antiques, jewelry, and precious items from a canal in the Netherlands.

The cheery, peppy treasure hunter began his expedition by throwing his line in the murky black water depths of the canal and soon found the treasures he was seeking. He first reeled in a few odd items from the water that included a slightly pried open money box that contained a collection of old Euro coins, a golden watch buster, and an old bicycle covered in the black mud from the canal depths.

Checkout Leigh Webber, Bondi Treasure Hunter find 2 Safes with Antiques, Jewelry, and Precious Items in a Canal in Netherlands

Treasure hunters don't always pull up the incredible treasures you may expect. For example, Webber also pulled up worn tin cans, old kitchen utensils like a few butter knives, and even a few bike pumps as well as various broken off bike pieces during his expedition. When you're out treasure hunting, after all, you get what you can and persevere on in hopes of getting something more valuable in due time.

Webber later managed to find pieces of jewelry in another old safe he fished from another canal in the area. His expertise and persistence led him to this safe, which contained two watches, numerous pieces of jewelry, and a few antique items and decorations. Many of these items had already suffered a lot of deterioration because of just how long this safe was under the water; however, the fruits of Webber's expedition proves that his tenacity is an important defining characteristic of a successful treasure hunter.

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It is also important for treasure hunters to thoroughly clean their items so that they can more easily be identified and returned if possible. During the cleanup and inspection process, Webber was able to read a bank card in one of the safes and identify who it originally belonged to. In case the safe was stolen or lost, he reached out to his online fan base for assistance in hopes of eventually reaching the original owner.

Webber uses his expeditions to show people how exciting and rewarding treasure hunting can be. Using treasure hunting tactics like magnet fishing and diving, Webber shows his audience how anyone can hunt with the proper skill set and equipment. During the Netherlands expedition, he was able to show his audience how to pinpoint good locations to fish and how to properly treat your acquired treasures once they are pulled out of the water.

Generally, magnet fishing is used in areas of more notable history, location, and tourism, but Webber's expedition proves that magnet fishing can prove effective in almost any area. He believes that magnet fishing can reveal treasures in places that may surprise you. Webber stated that, “If you are wondering where you can go magnet fishing, the answer is you can go anywhere. Just grab a rope, a magnet, get out there and have some fun.”

Checkout his YouTube Channel – Bondi Treasure Hunter

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