Best Fishing Magnets Available In Walmart

Looking for a new magnet fishing kit? If you are like me, you like to walk into a store, look at the product and feel it before you buy it. If this is you, our friendly neighborhood Walmart is actually one of the best destinations to go to.

Walmart has a large collection of fishing magnets, that are pretty good quality and very affordable. They carry fishing magnet kits too. If you are beginner who wants to try magnet fishing you can pick up a magnet and a rope for under $20 or a basic magnet fishing kit for $30. If you are family looking to get started in magnet fishing as a hobby you can pick up fishing magnets and other gear for the entire family for under 50 bucks at Walmart.

So, what kind of fishing magnets can you get in Walmart and are there any good ones available?

Let’s find out!

Why should you buy a fishing magnet from Walmart?

While it is convenient to buy everything from Amazon and receive it in 2 days, I like going to a store and looking at the product before I buy it. I go to Walmart almost once a week so there is definitely convenience. My local stores have started carrying some magnet fishing kits in store.

My Magnet Fishing Kit From Walmart

You may not have all the choices in store at your local Walmart but have you checked out the Walmart online store? They have so many products listed on their website. You get all kinds of fishing magnets ranging from magnets with 100 lbs pull strength to a monster 3800 pound magnet. They have a good selection of products and at a low competitive price and if you don't like it you can always return it back to the store.

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Magnet Fishing Kits – Everything you need to Magnet Fish

700 lb Emerson Magnet Fishing Kit for $30

If you want a decent fishing magnet kit with a basic magnet, then this is actually a very good and affordable option. This particular kit is great because it has a fishing magnet with a 700 lbs pull force, but also 2 carabiners, a 62 foot heavy duty nylon rope, water resistance gloves and a thread locker. That means you are pretty much good to go when it comes to getting the right fishing magnet kit. The magnet fishing kit costs around $30.

The product does a very good job at making sure you can pull even some of the toughest items to gather out of water thanks to the decent pull force. Not only that, but the thread lock glue can ensure you won’t lose your magnet that easily.

If you are beginner and are just getting started the kit is easy to use, it comes with detailed instructions about the items in the kit and how to use them. It’s also great that the kit comes with a pair of gloves, because most time you will be pulling out rusted metal from water. The gloves help you grip the wet rope better and also protect your hands from the rusted objects.

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What are the negatives about the 700 lb Emerson Magnet Fishing Kit?

Some customers complain that the fishing magnet doesn’t have the 700 pound pull force. You may have some sizing issues with the gloves in the kit. If you have fat hands like mine the gloves may be too tight. Few other customers complained about the kit having only 1 carabiner clip and not 2.

Based on our experience though, this is a pretty good fishing magnet kit for $30 with a decent pulling force – a great value for money for beginners if you are just getting started.

You can buy 700 lb Emerson Magent Fishing Kit here at Walmart here –

500 lbs Zimtown Magnet Fishing Kit for under $30

This fishing magnet kit from Zimtown is one of the most loved magnet fishing kits on Walmart. It’s designed from the ground up to be versatile and easily adjustable to your needs. The magnet has a decent pulling force of 550 lb makes it extremely useful in different spots on a lake, river or the ocean. We like the fact that it comes as a kit, so it’s all good to go. The kit also has a rope, carabiner clip, pair of gloves, and thread locker glue.

What customers love about the 500 lbs Zimtown Magnet Fishing Kit

Customers love it, they think it’s a very durable and dependable product. It also comes in a case, so you can easily carry it around or store you powerful neodymium magnet safely. This is one of the best kits if you are getting started magnet fishing. For under $30, you will not go wrong buying this kit.

You can buy the 500lb Zimtown Magnet Fishing Kit here at Walmart

500lbs Salvage Magnet Fishing Kit with nice Storage Case for around $35

This particular kit is very popular on the Walmart website and you do have multiple options that go from 400 lbs pulling force up to 900 lbs. The rope length is the same, 65 feet, which should be be fine for shallow waters. The magnet is a N35 neodymium magnet, which is low power neodymium magnet.

However you can choose if you want the set to come with or without a plastic box, the box adds $3 to the price. Powerful neodymium magnets can be dangerous since they can pinch you causing injury or jump and stick to metallic object (imagine inside your car) and cause damage. The can also chip or break when dropped so in my experience the box is great and it’s well worth it since you get to protect your magnet and yourself from the magnet.

You have everything you need in this magnet fishing kit. On top of that, customers say the magnet itself is very durable and didn’t show any significant issues. It really delivers a tremendous quality and value for money, and you will be more than impressed with it.

You can buy the 500 lbs Salvage Magnet Fishing Kit in Walmart here –

1240 pound Mutuactor Magnet Fishing Kit for around $55

I own the 1240 pound Mutuactor Magnet Fishing Kit and Love It

I personally own this kit. I bought it from Walmart but online. The magnet fishing kit arrived in 5 days. I really like it because it has everything you need – a good powerful magnet, a small grappling hook, a pair of gloves, rope, a scraper and a thread lock glue.

Mutuactor Magnet Fishing Kit at Walmart
This Mutuactor Magnet Fishing Kit has everything you need
  • The magnet is a N52 neodymium magnet that comes embedded in a steel shell. The steel shell protects your magnet from breaking since we will be throwing this fishing magnet around. It is more likely this will hit some thing hard and the steel shell protects it from breaking. The magnet within the shell is further coated in a nickel, copper, nickel triple layer to protect it from rusting.
  • The small grappling hook is made up of stainless steel so no questions of rusting.
  • The nylon rope is about 50 feet and should be a good length for magnet fishing in lakes, river and canals. If you are planning to magnet fish on piers or high bridges this may be little short.
  • The kit has a small bag to store everything in, which I thought was a good touch.
  • My only complaint is about the gloves. I have fat hands and the gloves were tight for me. This was probably the only item in the kit that was of questionable quality. I really don't have any other complaints about this kit. I think this is a pretty good quality kit with a powerful magnet for a decent price.
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You can buy the 1240lb Mutuactor Magnet Fishing Kit from Walmart here –

3800 pound 360 Neodymium Kratos Fishing Magnet Kit for $200

When I got started I bought a cheap magnet but soon realized I should have bought a more powerful magnet. If you want to pull some serious weight out of the waters Kratos Magnetics make some awesome fishing magnet kits.

3800 pound 360 Neodymium Kratos Fishing Magnet Kit

Kratos Magnetics is an American owned and operated. The owner is from Pittsburg and is an avid magnet fisher and treasure hunter. This absolutely shows in their products and customer service.

They have fishing magnets from 40$ to powerful monster magnets for $300+.

Walmart carries a few magnet fishing kits from Kratos Magnetics. We are going to look at 3800 Titan 2.0 360 Neodymium Classic Magnet Fishing Kit. The kit comes with a a monster magnet capable of pulling 3800 pounds, a small grappling hook, a pair of gloves, rope, a scraper and a thread lock glue.

The kit has a massive 360 neodymium magnet that can pull 3800 pounds of weight. To put that in perspective a Harley Davidson bike weights about 700 pounds.

The 3800 Titan 2.0 360 Neodymium Classic Magnet from Kratos Magnetics can pull a Harley Davidson out of the water

he magnet is protected to be rust free and has an eye bolt screwed on top. Make sure you use the thread lock glue to secure the bolt to the magnet.

  • The small grappling hook is made of stainless steel and is rust proof.
  • The rope is high quality and is 65 feet long. This is long enough for you to magnet fish anywhere, even in oceans, or high piers or bridges.
  • Kratos Ultra Carabiner
  • Plastic scraper
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Thread lock glue for securing the eye bolt to the magnet

Rope, carabiner are also strength tested to pull the 3800 lbs weight.

If you always go for the best gear, and don't mind the price this is the one for you. A lot of thought has gone into the kit and magnet fishers gave great reviews for Kratos Magnetics so go for it.

You can buy the 3800 pound 360 Neodymium Kratos Fishing Magnet Kit at Walmart here –

All I Need Is A Fishing Magnet

240 pound Neodymium Fishing Magnet for $15

If you already have gloves and a rope lying around in your garage or your truck, then all you need is a good fishing magnet. This is a nice beginners, basic magnet with a pulling force of up to 240 lb, but it’s still a powerhouse and a great option for you to buy. It has a three layer nickel coating to avoid corrosion or rust and the bottom is smooth, designed to avoid scratches.

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Neodymium magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets available in the market and the professional magnet fishers all buy neodymium magnets.

We found this neodymium magnet to be very dependable, and had some great reviews on Walmart's website. The magnet costs you $15 bucks! What’s really nice about this is definitely the incredible value and you get a neodymium magnet for it.

When it comes to issues, some customers felt that it’s too weak. Overall, it works great and if all you need is just a magnet for magnet fishing.

If you want to take your kids magnet fishing you could buy a few of these magnets, pick up a few ropes and for less than $50 you will have magnet fishing kits for the entire family.

That’s what truly makes it a very good, incredible product for everyone.

Buy this magnet for magnet fishing at Walmart here –

1200 pound Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet for $30

Sometimes you just need a fishing magnet that has a really good pulling force, and this product delivers. This magnet has around 1200 lb. pulling force. Add to that the fact that it has a 2 threaded hole design with 2 eyebolts on each side. The eyebolt in place allows you to secure your magnet to the rope and access a true pulling power. This is really crucial because I know so many of my friends have lost their magnet because the eyebolt came lose and the magnet was lost.

The best part is that with that kind of pulling strength you can use it to retrieve pretty much anything from under water without any worries.

With that being said, some customers complained about its strength and durability. In the end, it’s a really nice fishing magnet with great usability and you will be very impressed with its quality. That’s why it’s totally worth giving it a try.

Buy this magnet for magnet fishing at Walmart here –

1250 pound HGMAG Double Sided Fishing Neodymium Magnet for $60

If you are one of those you wants to buy the best gear then it a great idea to invest in the HGMAG double sided fishing magnet. HDMAG double sided magnet is very powerful magnet with a pull force of 1250 lbs.

HDMAG double sided magnet

It’s a double sided fishing magnet that will come very handy when you are trying to pull some big objects out of the water. The fact that the product has a triple layer coating, and you don't have to worry about the magnet rusting and losing its power.

Customers loved it, they didn’t have any significant issues with it, and the product works just as advertised. Due to its size, it can get stuck in some tight places, but you need to learn how to get your magnet unstuck. But overall it’s a very good double sided fishing magnet with plenty of great solutions and features.

Buy this magnet for magnet fishing at Walmart here –


As you can see, Walmart has some great options for everyone. You can buy a just a fishing magnet for 10 bucks if you already have a rope and gloves or a whole kit for under 30 bucks.

If you are a beginners getting started Walmart offers several kits from mid-20s range to 50 dollars. If you are a professional magnet fishers looking to pull some massive weight or looking to magnet fish in the ocean they offer some monster magnet for 200 dollars or more.

They offer a broad selection for magnet fishers of different skills at affordable prices, hence Walmart is a great place to go when shopping for a fishing magnet or a fishing magnet kit!

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