Top 10 Best Gloves for Magnet Fishing: Complete Guide & Review

The need for having good quality gloves when magnet fishing is something that cannot be emphasized enough. As it’s based mostly on luck rather than skill, you might easily end up spending a few hours fishing in different spots to find valuable objects. When you pull something, there is always a chance that you end up cutting your fingers or hand if it has sharp edges.

Here is where a good pair of gloves comes in handy. With good quality and preferably waterproof gloves, you will be able to protect your hands properly and fish to your heart’s content.

The top 10 best gloves for magnet fishing are:

  • Berkley Fishing Gloves
  • G & F Cut Resistant Gloves
  • DEX FIT Nitrile Gloves
  • Glacier Glove ICE BAY
  • Carhartt Men's Waterproof Insulated Glove
  • OZERO Men's Thermal Gloves
  • EnergeticSky Waterproof Gloves
  • Fishing Tree Fingerless Gloves
  • Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves
  • KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves
Top 10 Best Gloves for Magnet Fishing

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What to Look For?

Unlike fishing gloves, there aren’t any particular type of magnet fishing gloves you can just go out and purchase. So you can use a wide range of gloves while you go for magnet fishing. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the most value out of them. They are as follows:

Quality and Value

By buying high-quality gloves, not only will you be able to protect your hands properly, but you will also be able to get a lot of value over time. If you decide to go for inexpensive but inferior quality gloves, you might end up buying four or five of them in a single year.

Water Resistant

Although you don’t need to submerge your hands in water for a long amount of time when magnet fishing, your hands may get wet from time to time.

If you use gloves that aren’t water-resistant or waterproof, then your hands will start to get all pruney and wrinkly. You don’t have to get fully waterproof gloves (although it would be ideal) but you should at least get ones that offer a good amount of water resistance.

Padding and Durability

Some of the objects you pull out might have very sharp edges and so might end up cutting your hand. This is especially more common when magnet fishing in muddy water as you can’t see the object properly until you pull it out.

Therefore, you must either go for a well-padded set of gloves or one that comes with reinforced materials on the fingertips and the palm area.

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Multipurpose Functionality

Multipurpose gloves are often the best gloves to use if you want to get the best bang for your buck. You can go magnet fishing pretty much all season and either do it from land or while sitting comfortably in your boat. So having multipurpose gloves add a lot of value over time.

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Best Semi Waterproof Durable Gloves for Magnet Fishing

Berkley Fishing Gloves – One of the Best Padded Semi Waterproof Gloves

These come with extra grip, heavy-duty construction, Velcro wrist closure, and partial water resistance. There are three types of gloves you can buy and each comes with a unique color. The best one for magnet fishing purposes is the grey one as it offers the most amount of padding.

One really useful aspect of these gloves is that they come with a textured grip which is invaluable for magnet fishing. Pulling objects out of the water might be hard but sometimes it can be more difficult to hold on to them after you take it out.

Another notable feature about these gloves is their heavy-duty yet flexible build quality. While the gloves aren’t 100 percent waterproof, the palm area comes with a water-resistant pad to keep your hands relatively dry.

The build quality is very goodThey aren’t fully cut resistant
Very comfortable to wearNo size options
Textured grip works even when wet

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G & F Cut Resistant Gloves – One of the Best Affordable Cut Resistant Semi Waterproof Gloves

These are great multipurpose gloves that come with high-quality construction, have an extra coating on palm, fingertips, and thumb, great tensile strength and offer a good amount of resistance to cuts. They also come in three different sizes and are incredibly affordable.

One of its best features is that it is cut resistant as it is made out of 100 percent DuPont Kevlar fiber. The material feels thin but it can protect your hands from getting cuts and bruises when handling sharp objects.

It is important to note that the top part of the gloves isn’t cut resistant so do be wary of it. This is quite common in a lot of cut-resistant gloves to maintain an affordable price tag. It also offers a great grip (thanks to the latex coating) along with protection making it very suitable for magnet fishing purposes.

Exceptional value for moneyThe top part of the gloves isn’t fully cut resistant
It comes with a very affordable price tagDoesn’t look appealing visually
Comes with multipurpose functionality

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DEX FIT Nitrile Gloves – One of the Best All-Purpose Water Resistant Gloves

This one is easily one of the best all-purpose cut resistant gloves available for purchase today and comes with great grip, breathable water-based rubber coating, high-quality construction and can be used for a wide variety of tasks.

When it comes to protection, these gloves do a great job of preventing cuts and bruises when handling sharp objects. They also provide great grip in both dry and wet conditions and even when objects have a little oil on them.

The quality of construction is also superb as it meets ANSI standards and is CE qualified. Almost every single aspect of these gloves is exceptional except for its water resistance. Had it been more water-resistant, it would easily have been one of the best gloves to use when magnet fishing.

Superb qualityNot as water-resistant as other products in the list
Excellent cut resistanceVery thin with no padding
Powerful grip
Very good versatility

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Best Fully Waterproof Gloves for Magnet Fishing

Glacier Glove ICE BAY – One of the Most Comfortable Waterproof Gloves

If you look forward to magnet fishing in cold weather, then this one is a great option to go for. It is 100 percent waterproof and comes with a 2mm fleece lined neoprene construction, six size options, seamless palm design, and a sharkskin texture for better grip.

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During the cold-weather season, it is vital to wear protective gloves to keep your hands warm. With the 2 mm fleece lined neoprene construction, your hands are guaranteed to stay warm no matter how cold it is outside.

It’s also 100 percent waterproof which means you never have to worry about your hands getting wet when magnet fishing. While they are primarily winter gloves, you can use them in other seasons too as the gloves feel quite comfortable and lightweight.

It comes in 6 different sizesNot cut resistant
100 percent waterproofIt tends to get holes if you are not careful
It’s quite comfortable to wear in all weather conditions
Ideal for magnet fishing in winter

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Carhartt Men’s Insulated Glove – One of the Best Durable Waterproof Gloves

If it is durability you are looking for, then the Carhartt Men’s insulated gloves might be the ideal option for you. They are made out of 100 percent polyester and come with a hook and loop closure, durable polytex shell, FastDry technology and five size options.

One of the most useful aspects of these gloves is that it is insulated and provides amazing dexterity. With seamlessly knitting and a contoured rubber palm, they are also exceptionally durable.

You also get a great grip with these gloves in both dry and wet conditions making it ideal for various applications. Instead of a Velcro closure system, it comes with a hook and a loop which makes it more secure than its competitors.

The hook and loop closure makes it very secureAlthough it’s very secure, putting it on and taking it off will take some time
Heavy-duty constructionNot ideal for very cold weather conditions
100 percent waterproof with great breathability
It’s very durable, thanks to the polytex shell

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Ozero Men’s Thermal Gloves – One of the Best Affordable Waterproof Gloves

They are made of windproof polyester, insulate cotton construction with waterproof TPU, and come in six different size options.

With these gloves, you can easily use your smartphone while magnet fishing as they are coated with a conductive fabric on the thumb and index finger. You can easily swipe and tap on mobile devices without having to remove the gloves.

It uses silicone particles on the palm, index finger, and middle finger to provide you with great grip and comes with an elastic cuff for a perfect fit. You can use the gloves in rain or snow and keep your hands warm and dry throughout making it an ideal option for magnet fishing.

You can use mobile devices easilyThe seams and tips of the thumb and index finger are not waterproof
All-weather utilityIf submerged in water, they will take time to dry
The elastic cuff provides a great fit with zero effort
It’s not bulky at all

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EnergeticSky Waterproof Gloves – One of the Best Versatile Waterproof Gloves

The more versatile the gloves are, the more value you get for them and that is exactly what you get from this pair of gloves. They are made out of breathable water-resistant polyester and feature a unique 2-cut finger design, Velcro wrists and is windproof as well.

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They are ideal gloves to wear if you love different types of outdoor activities. When it comes to magnet fishing, in particular, the windproof and waterproof lining along with the fiber printed silicone grip allows you to spend many hours comfortably fishing.

You also get to choose from five size options and three color options thereby allowing you to customize them as you see fit. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, you have a 14-day window within which you can ask for a refund which is always a great option to have.

It's waterproof and windproofYou might have to order one size larger
It’s highly versatile functionality-wiseIt doesn’t have a lot of padding
The 2 finger cut design provides great dexterity
You get a 14-day refund window

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Best Fingerless Multipurpose Gloves for Magnet Fishing

The Fishing Tree Fingerless Gloves – One of the Best Sun Proof Gloves

Protection against the sun is equally important when it comes to magnet fishing gloves, especially in the hot summer season. These fingerless gloves offer UPF and SPF 50 UV skin protection, quick-dry technology, Velcro wrist enclosure and helps to prevent blisters and calluses from appearing on your hands.

They are independently verified by the SGS Group for providing maximum protection against harmful UV rays (UPF 50 +) and retains that ability no matter how many times you wash it.

As it comes with a fingerless design, you get more dexterity than fully closed gloves and allow you to handle objects more easily. The palm section also comes with two layers (faux leather and PVC) to provide adequate protection when pulling objects out of the water.

It efficiently protects your hands from harmful UV raysYour fingers will be exposed to sharp edges
Very useful to have if you are fishing from a boatOnly four size options are available
You get amazing dexterity
No harmful chemical sprays are used

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Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves – One of the Best Hybrid Padded Fingerless Gloves

Most fingerless gloves are thin and offer less padding. These, however, are the exception and come with a triple-layer construction, enhanced grip, and even reflective strips on the back for night time use.

It is important to note that these come in four different size options but all of them are men sizes. Women should always buy one size smaller than what they usually go for to get the right fit for these gloves. These gloves are not only waterproof but windproof as well making them very versatile in usage.

One very interesting feature you get with it is that you can detach the flap on the back of your hand and wear them as mittens. This makes it a great option in cold and windy climates.

You can transform it from a fingerless glove to comfortable mittens at any timeSize options can be confusing, especially for women
Triple-layer construction
Reflective strip for better safety at night
Waterproof and windproof

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves – One of the Best All-Round Fingerless Gloves

If you prefer fingerless gloves but are afraid of getting cuts on your hands when magnet fishing, then these might be the perfect option for you. Unlike other gloves, they cover 3/4th of your fingers which allows you to handle sharp objects with more ease.

As far as protection goes, it has tough synthetic leather sections on different parts of the palm area which run across to the index and middle finger as well. They also offer SPF 50 protection from harmful UV rays and come with very convenient tabs for easy removal.

You also get four size options and eight color options which is nice to see. Overall, this is a great fingerless glove to have when magnet fishing in the summer.

The fabric is very breathableWrist length is very short
Easy to put on and remove
SPF 50 UV protection
It covers 3/4th of your fingers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to go for padded thick gloves?

While it is always safer to wear thick, padded gloves, you can always go for thinner gloves as long as the quality of construction is good.

Bulky gloves do feel a bit sluggish and may not be ideal for everyone. If you do decide to go for less bulky gloves, always look out for how the gloves are constructed and how many layers of protection it offers.

Why should I go for water-resistant and not waterproof gloves?

There is no rule that you should go for either one as magnet fishing doesn’t require you to submerge your hands in water unless you want to. Your hands become wet from magnet fishing mostly when you grab the web object out of the water.

So technically your gloves don’t have to be fully waterproof. As long as the palm area and the underside of your fingers are water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about your hands getting wet.

Can I use fingerless gloves?

A fully enclosed glove offers you more protection against sharp edges than fingerless gloves. However, that doesn’t make the fingerless gloves obsolete in any way. Fingerless gloves are more breathable, offer more dexterity, and are ideal for use in the summer.

Your fingers will be exposed to sharp edges though, so you will have to be a bit more careful when handling sharp objects. One useful workaround is to first set the object on the ground before you take it off the magnet. This way you get better control and can greatly minimize any chances of your fingers getting cut.


One of the best aspects of buying gloves for magnet fishing purposes is that you have a ton of versatile choices. As long as they offer adequate protection and come with high-quality construction, you can go for any type that you like.

Every type of glove, whether it is a fully enclosed padded one or a thinner fingerless one, will come with both advantages and disadvantages. All you have to do is make sure you never compromise on the quality and you will be on your way to a happy and engaging magnet fishing experience in no time at all.

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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