Top 10 Best Magnets for Magnet Fishing & What Kits to Avoid

Being an adventurous and fun-filled hobby, magnet fishing requires you to get a good magnet. It can make all the difference between having a great experience and a boring one.

No one wants to go magnet fishing with the wrong type of magnet only to get frustrated and quit for the day. Since you can never say when you might fish out some valuable loot, you certainly want to always be prepared.

This guide should help you to find the best magnets and kits in the market today so that you can have a great experience every time you set out to do some awesome magnet fishing.

The top 10 best magnets for magnet fishing are:

  • Neosmuk
  • Wukong
  • Get your Quest
  • King Kong Magnetics
  • Brute Magnetics
  • Brute Box
Top 10 Best Magnets for Magnet Fishing & What Kits to Avoid
Top 10 Best Magnets for Magnet Fishing & What Kits to Avoid

What to Look For?

There are so many different options when it comes to buying magnets for magnet fishing. You can easily get overwhelmed and make a bad purchase. There are two main types of magnets you can purchase. Let’s take a look at them and what they are best for.

Top Mount Magnets

These are best used when you go magnet fishing on piers, lakes, boats, and bridges. They perform best in slow-moving water and is ideal for those who like to sit and relax while magnet fishing.

Double-Sided Magnets

These are one of the most popular types as they allow you to mount them from the top or the side. They also work best in fast-moving water which makes it appealing for those who like to have an adventure.

By mounting the eyebolt to the side, you will be able to drag it easily across the bottom of the water. Instead, if you feel like relaxing, all you have to do is mount the eyebolt to the top and you can use it as a top mount magnet.

If you are a beginner, it would be wise to start with a magnet that comes with a pulling force of about 350lbs. As you become more experienced, you can buy more powerful magnets.

Best Affordable Magnets under $20

BIGTEDDY – One of the Best Magnets for Beginners

This is a top mount neodymium magnet that comes with a Ni+Cu+Ni triple coating, multi-use functionality (household, indoors, and outdoors) and claims to have a pulling force of 500lbs. It has a very affordable price tag and is ideal for beginners who want to start magnet fishing in rivers and lakes.

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As it is a top mount magnet, it's suitable for use in still or slow-moving water which is again ideal for beginners to get a handle on how magnet fishing works. It’s also compact with a diameter of 2.36 inches, but don’t let its size fool you. Though it claims to be able to pull up objects that weigh up to 500lbs, realistically it will be somewhere between 100lbs to 125lbs.

It comes at a very attractive price tagIt has a pulling force of only 100lbs to 125lbs in realistic conditions
It’s very compact in size and lightweight which makes it easy to travel withNot great for dragging
The quality of construction is excellent
Perfect for beginners

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Neosmuk – One of the Best Small-Sized Magnets

This is a small top-mount magnet that comes with four-layer coating, removable eye bolt, and pulling power of up to 300lbs. Despite its small size, it is surprisingly powerful and many customers who bought it have praised it for its holding power. It’s also washable and scratch-resistant.

Loctite thread locker 263 glue is used in the construction to connect the eyebolt and the steel base so you never have to worry about losing it when you go fishing. As far as pulling power is concerned, it can pull objects that weigh up to 150lbs pretty comfortably.

Due to its small size, you can easily carry it with you and use it to fish objects out of rivers, lakes, ponds, wells, and docks. Although you shouldn’t let your children use it without your direct supervision, you can teach your kids magnet fishing when you go outdoors.

The magnet is quite powerful for its sizeNot great for dragging
Great value for moneyIt’s non-returnable
Excellent build quality
Great for family magnet fishing trips

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

FINDMAG – One of the Best Value Magnets

This is for those who are still new to magnet fishing but are interested in pursuing the hobby further. If you aren’t at the intermediate level and see magnet fishing as a casual hobby, then this weight range should be good for you.

This one comes with a claimed pulling force of 660lbs, triple coating protection, and is a double-sided magnet which makes it ideal to use in both still and moving water.

When it comes to pulling power, it can hold metal objects that weigh up to 150lbs to 200lbs on both sides which adds up to a realistic pulling force of 300lbs. If you do find that your magnet doesn’t feel as powerful, you can contact the customer service for figuring out why that’s the case.

It’s great for beginners who want to experiment with a higher weight rangeAs there is no separation where the magnet starts, you won't be able to tap threads into it
It’s quite affordable for its holding powerNot good for the drop and pull technique
The magnet is quite strong
It comes with good quality construction

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Best Mid-Range Magnets ($25 to $50)

Wukong – One of the Best Double Sided Magnet for Intermediates

This one is a double-sided fishing magnet that offers a supposed pulling power of 660lbs, Ni+Cu+Ni triple coating, and provides great versatility in terms of usage.

One of the best aspects of this magnet is its simplistic design where you can just screw the eyebolt into the side and you are good to go. The design also makes it ideal for use in rivers, lakes, and water bodies with fast-moving water.

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As far as pulling power is concerned, the manufacturer claims that it can pull objects that weigh up to 660lbs but it is important to note that the given weight is the combined amount from both sides. Therefore, each side is said to have a pulling power of 330lbs. Under realistic conditions, you can expect each side to pull up to 100 to 150lbs which is still impressive.

Offers good value for moneyThe magnet is quite powerful it might wipe out your mobile phone if it’s too close
The design makes it easy for you to drag it underwaterPulling power is lower than advertised
Best used in rivers and lakes

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Get Your Quest – One of the Best Mid-Range Powerful Magnets

This one is targeted towards experienced users who aren’t interested in going for heavy-duty magnets with a pulling force of +1000lbs. It comes with a more moderate pulling force of 888lbs and a rust-resistant body designed to last for a long time. As it is a top mount magnet, it’s more efficient for use in rivers, lakes and water bodies that have calm water.

It is also surprisingly lightweight at 2lbs considering how powerful it is. Although it comes applied with a thread locker, it is recommended that you apply it again to ensure that it won’t fall apart in the water.

Under realistic conditions, you will get a pulling force that is quite close to what is claimed by the manufacturer which is great. It is important to note that you should use a magnet fishing knot for securing the magnet to your rope properly.

Very high-quality constructionSome products have been known to have the center screw fall out (test the magnet and let the customer service know immediately if that is the case)
Amazing customer serviceNot great for dragging
Long-lasting chrome finish (will require good maintenance though)
Very easy to handle in still water
The magnet is very powerful yet lightweight and compact

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

King Kong Magnetics – One of the Best Value Mid-Range Magnets

This magnet provides great value. It's not just a powerful high-quality magnet but also comes with gloves, steel carabiners, thread locker, and a 65ft nylon rope. So while it isn’t a full kit, it has most of the items you need if you are serious about magnet fishing.

If you like magnet fishing for long hours, then the gloves will also provide you with a lot of relief from blisters. The carabiners also offer a lot of utility and provide more convenience. In terms of pulling force in realistic conditions, you should be able to pull up objects that weigh up to 250lbs.

It comes with a set of good quality steel carabiners, a set of cut-proof gloves and a thread lockerBeing a top mount magnet, it’s not ideal to use in fast-moving water
The quality of construction is excellentNot great for dragging
You get a lot of value for money
Great for intermediate and expert users
Amazing versatility thanks to the carabiners
The rope that comes with it is very strong

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Best High-End Magnets ($50 Plus)

Brute Magnetics – One of the Best Value Top Mounted Heavy Duty Magnets

If you are an experienced magnet fisherman looking to buy a great value heavy-duty magnet, then this one might catch your fancy. It comes with a steel coated protective cup for extra protection, a 6 ml bottle of thread locker, and a whopping pulling force of 1200lbs.

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You can see how excellent the build quality is just by looking at it. This one means business and nothing about it makes you think otherwise.

This is one of those few products that is so effective that it becomes a potential issue. While under realistic conditions you might not be able to pull objects that weigh 1200lbs, its actual pulling force is not that far away.

As it is very powerful, you should always handle it with care and make sure that you never keep your fingers between the magnet and a large metal surface.

The magnet is insanely powerfulIt’s too powerful which means it can be dangerous if not handled properly (Not for beginners)
Great price for such a high strength magnetNot great for dragging
Exceptional build quality
You get a free bottle of threadlocker
Excellent after-sale customer service

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

EVISWIY – One of the Best Powerful Double Sided Heavy Duty Magnets

If you want to fish for insanely heavy objects in the water, then this might be the one for you. It features a whopping 1700lbs of pulling force in ideal test conditions, has triple coating protection, a 65ft nylon rope with a carabiner, and waterproof gloves.

In realistic conditions though, you won’t be able to pull up objects that weigh 1700lbs, but you can fish out some very large and heavy objects with this one. For personal use, it will be more than enough to meet any needs you may have.

You get very good value for money as it comes with additional accessoriesThe rope feels a bit stretchy and not as high quality as you want it to be
The magnet is extremely powerfulNot good for the drop and pull method
Build quality is excellent
It is ISO 9001 certified

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Best Magnet Fishing Kits

MUTUACTOR – One of the Best Value Heavy Duty Magnet Kits

If you love magnet fishing and want to take the next step towards hauling large objects from the water, then you might love what this kit offers.

You not only get an extremely powerful magnet but also get high tensile strength 49 feet nylon rope, good quality gloves, and a portable carry bag.

This heavy-duty neodymium fishing magnet also features a sturdy and exceptional build quality which we loved.

The eyebolt is already glued to the magnet base with a Loctite thread locker, so it should stay put even during delivery and prevent it from falling off in the water when you use it for magnet fishing.

The triple coating provides excellent corrosion resistance to it thereby making it ideal for use in both freshwater and saltwater.

Similar to all magnets, you won’t get the same pulling force under realistic conditions but the actual number isn’t far off making it a very powerful magnet.

Amazing value for moneyAs it is a very powerful magnet, it should have come with a carrying case instead of a normal bag
It comes with good quality gloves
Excellent customer service
Very powerful and pulls big objects with ease

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Brute Box – One of the Best Premium Heavy Duty Magnet Kits

If you are an experienced magnet fisherman who wants a complete kit, then this is one of the best options for you. You get a powerful magnet with a pulling force of 2600lbs, a 65ft double braided nylon rope with carabiner, a thread locker, and a hard-shell carrying case.

Brute magnetics is well known for making high-quality products and so you don’t have to worry about build quality here. This magnet can be used for personal and even industrial purposes because the magnet is very powerful and it can pull very heavy objects with ease. So you can use it to hang or lift heavy objects too.

You get a complete magnet fishing kit with exceptional quality
None but if it came with gloves too, it would have been the perfect magnet fishing kit
The magnet can be used for recreational and industrial purposes
The hardshell case is very high quality
Great versatility
Great after-sales service

If you're interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

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Which Magnets to Avoid?

When it comes to buying magnets online, there is always a certain amount of risk involved. Due to this, it is always better to go with reputed brands that offer some sort of a guarantee when it comes to quality or customer satisfaction. Avoid magnets that don’t meet at least two out of the three aspects mentioned below.

Quality of construction

You need to make sure the magnet comes with at least triple coating (nickel+copper+nickel) protection. Without it, the quality of the magnet will deteriorate over time. Make sure you check out other customer reviews in regards to build quality. Not every product provides this information on their main page.

Correct Weight Rating

Pulling force is usually lower than what is claimed on the product page as the tests are done under ideal conditions. Realistically, there are plenty of factors that reduce the pulling force of a magnet. Therefore, it’s always wise to go for a weight rating much higher than you aim for.

Pre Application of Threadlocker

It’s always better to go for brands that apply thread locker beforehand as it holds the different parts more securely. When you buy from brands that don’t do it, you have to do so before you use it for magnet fishing.

Cheap Rope

Another concern is that the rope a magnet fishing kit comes with might not be strong enough. I've ordered a kit that had a great magnet but unfortunately, the rope wasn't up to par. Needless to say, I lost the magnet. It was a two-pack, so thankfully I had a backup, though it was pretty upsetting, to say the least.


When it comes to buying magnets online, you will always see a few comments that say the magnet is very weak and cannot pull anything, but you should ignore them unless the majority of the comments say so.

A lot of people don’t know how magnets work and think that the magnet is weak just because they can pull a stainless steel knife easily from the magnet. The reality is that the thickness, pulling direction, impurities, and size of the metal object has a great impact on how effective a magnet is.

You might be able to pull a knife from a magnet but if you try pulling a manhole from it, you will see a huge difference. All in all, do a good amount of research and see how the overall reviews are before buying one. Happy shopping!

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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