90+ Spots For Magnet Fishing In Canada

Best Places to Magnet Fishing in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto

Our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada is the second largest country in the world – it extends from the Arctic ocean in the North to the Atlantic Ocean all on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. However, it is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. The indigenous people of Canada have inhabited this land for thousands of years. The first known European explorers were Norse explorers. The European colonizers, first the  British and then French came to Canada in the 15th century. It has seen many wars between the colonizers. 

Canada is a vast country with oceans, rivers, lakes, man-made water reservoirs and a rich history, there should be no shortage of places to magnet fish. In this massive list we will show you some of the best spots to magnet fish in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto and all of Canada.

How to  Find Spots for Magnet Fish Anywhere in Canada

It doesn’t matter where you live,  if you want to find a place to magnet fish look for places where lot of people move in and around water bodies like,

  • Spots on Canals or Rivers with overhead bridge especially historic water channels or
  • Canals or Foot bridges in large cities, towns and rural areas with lot of foot traffic 
  • Canals behind cluster of homes
  • Boat docks or Fishing docks
  • Busy sailing ports, marinas in popular tourist towns

Let us checkout some top places to magnet fish in each province in Canada. 

Places to Magnet Fish in British Columbia

British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada, lying between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. This area has a diverse geography, with large coastlines, multiple lakes, and rivers.

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Top Spot to Magnet Fish in Vancouver

The largest city in British Columbia is Vancouver. Vancouver is a beautiful city. From the stunning scenery, to the friendly people, Vancouver is also a great place to live, with a high quality of life and plenty of opportunity for adventure.

Vancouver has the Fraser river, Pitt river, Burnaby lake and the Pacific Ocean so lots of places to magnet fish.

False Creek

False Creek is a narrow inlet dividing Vancouver into the Downtown and West End districts. There are several areas in and around False Creek where you can try your luck.

Docks near Plaza of Nations
Magnet Fishing Spots near Science World Vancouver
Magnet Fishing spots near Science World

The docks near Plaza of Nations offer cruises, boat charters and rental. This is an ideal spot to magnet fish.

Canoe Bridge, vancouver
Canoe Bridge, Vancouver

On the opposite side, right next to the Science World you have the Creekside kayak and paddle zone, the Canoe bridge and the Village ferry terminal.

Quayside Marina

A beautiful marina overlooking the high rises. The marina can accommodate more than a 100 boats and yachts of all sizes. These are places where a lot of affluent people move. More people means more things dropped into the water.

Magnet Fishing Spots near cambie bridge Vancouver
Magnet Fishing Spots near Vancouver Quayside Marina, Cambie Bridge
Cambie Bridge

Cambie Bridge or Cambie Street Bridge built in 1985 connects Cambie Street on the south shore of False Creek to both Nelson and Smithe Streets in the downtown peninsula. Look for spots under the bridge.

Docks near the Granville Bridge, Granville Island and Burrard Street Bridge

Granville Island is a peninsula and shopping area in the Fairview neighborhood of Vancouver. Checkout the docks on either side of the Granville bridge and Burrard street bridge. 

Magnet Fishing Spots near  Granville Island Vancouver
Heather Civic Marina

Heather Civic Marina is located on the south side of False Creek. One of the most exclusive marinas in Vancouver and is always busy. Another amazing spot to magnet fish in Vancouver.

9 Beaches near the False Creek

  • English Bay Beach located along Beach Avenue between Gilford and Bidwell streets is the most densely populated beach area in downtown Vancouver
  • Jericho Beach on Jericho Park
  • Kitsilano Beach aka “Kits” Beach 
  • Locarno Beach on the west side of Jericho Park
  • Second Beach in Stanley Park 
  • Spanish Banks Beach 
  • Sunset Beach is close to the West End and downtown Vancouver
  • Third Beach at Ferguson Point in Stanley Park
  • Trout Lake Beach at the south end of Trout Lake in John Hendry Park 

Spots around Lions Gate Bridge

Lion’s Gate Bridge

The Lions Gate Bridge, opened in 1938 and officially known as the First Narrows Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the Burrard Inlet and connects the City of Vancouver, to the North Shore

Mosquito Creek Marina, Sailor’s Point, Waterfront Park Dock and Burrard Yacht Club

Another few spots to magnet fishing are around Mosquito creek marina (with lots of boats and yachts moving in and out), waterfront near Sailor’s point and waterfront park dock.

Magnet Fishing Spots near  Mosquito Creek Vancouver

Historic Bridges around Vancouver

  • Capilano Bridge
  • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge
  • Lulu Island Railway Bridge
  • New Westminster Railway Bridge
  • Pattullo Bridge
  • Port Mann Bridge
  • Second Narrows Railway Bridge

Magnet Fishing Finds – Langley, British Columbia

Screen grab from GlobalNews.ca

10 year old James Jonkman, from Langley went out magnet fishing for the first time with his-dad. As he threw his magnet into a canal, his first catch was a grenade from World War II. The grenade was in such a bad condition but once the dad and son realized what it was they called the police. The bomb squad was later called and grenade disposed off safely.

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Places to Magnet Fish in Ontario

Ontario is the east-central Canadian province with 2 large cities Toronto and the Canadian capital Ottawa.

Places to Magnet Fish in Toronto

Humber River

The Humber river runs through south Ontario, runs through Toronto  and merges with the Atlanta ocean at the Humber Bay. There are spots along the Humber river like for example,

  • On the Humber trail behind the Humber college on either side of I-27.
  • Old Mill bridge near Etienne Brulé Park
Mill Old Bridge
  • Any foot over bridges on the Humber river.
  • Multiple spots at the Humber bay
    • Sunnyside Boardwalk
    • Sunnyside Park
    • Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Rouge River

The Rouge river is the second largest river in Toronto after the Humber. The river is kind of shallow in many areas so you have to find spots with some deep waters.

Spots near National Yacht Club on Stadium Road

National Yacht Club

The National Yacht club has been a historic club since 1890 right in the heart of downtown Toronto. It is a private members only club so you may have to find public spots next to the club.

Ireland Park and docks around it

Ireland Park is located on the shores of Lake Ontario on Éireann Quay and was built to commemorate thousands of Irish who fled Ireland during the Great Famine of the 19th century.

Ireland Park is located on the shores of Lake Ontario on Éireann Quay and was built to commemorate thousands of Irish who fled Ireland during the Great Famine of the 19th century.

Police Called – “Sludge Pirates” find a whole lot of guns in the Historic Toronto Harbour

Places to Magnet Fish in Ottawa

Ottawa located in the Ontario province is Canada’s capital. It is located between Montreal in the east and Toronto in the south west. The Ottawa river runs right along the city and the Rideau river bisects Ottawa in the middle.

Here are a few spots to magnet fish in and around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Ottawa River  

  • Ottawa River Pathway Parking under the Island Park Drive bridge.
  • Remic Rapids Park
  • Under the Old Railway Bridge next to Trillium Pathway on the Ottawa river pathway (Trans Canada Trail)
  • Nepean Bay Pedestrian Bridge right next to Sir John A Macdonald Parkway bridge
  • Oziles’ Marina – The marina opens into Petrie Island and its park in eastern Ottawa and is a gathering spot for water sports enthusiasts. The marina offers canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, pedal boats and is busy during summer months. This is an ideal location for magnet fishing.
  • Du Moulin Park Boat Ramp
  • Docks near Marina Treadwell Boat Launch
  • Ile du Chenail Boat Launch under the john St bridge
  • Golden Anchor Marina – offers a dock for small and mid-sized boats. It is a busy marina due to its proximity to both Ottawa and Montreal. This could be a good spot to magnet fish due to amount of boaters moving through this dock.
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Rideau River 

  • near Bridge on Kilmarnock Road
  • Multiple spots around the Merrickville Ruins
  • Burritts Rapids Bridge

Rideau Canal

Opened in 1932, the Rideau Canal aka Rideau waterway connects Ottawa to Lake Ontario and Saint Lawrence river at Kingston. It runs 202 kilometers long. You could find 100s of spots to magnet fish right along the entire 202 km stretch. There are also several bridges on the Canal – Vimy Memorial Bridge, Pretoria Bridge, Plaza Bridge, Corktown Footbridge,  to name a few.

Corktown Footbridge
Ottawa Locks

Saint Lawrence River

The Saint Lawrence river flows close to Ottawa and traverses Ontario and Quebec as well as the U.S. state of New York. The large river flows for more than 500 kms (310 miles) and there should be several excellent spots for magnet fishing.

Looks for spots nears,

  • Beaches
  • Docks
  • Boat Ramps
  • Marinas
  • Water sport centers- Kayak, Canoe rentals, Boat rentals, Boat tours, River cruise terminals
  • Yacht terminals

Lake Ontario 

While not exactly in Ottawa, Lake Ontario the smallest of the Great Lakes has many islands, beaches, lighthouses and is a popular tourist destination.

Here is a list of boat docks on Lake Ontario in the Ontario province:

  • Audley’s Cove Marina
  • Harbour West Marina
  • Cooks Bay Marina
  • Frenchman’s Bay Marina
  • St Catharines Marina
  • Baycrest Lodge and Marina
  • Harbourview Marina Cafe
  • Newport Yatch Club at Stoney Creek
  • Bluffer’s Park Marina

Please keep in mind some of these marinas could be private and off limits so you may have to find public spots around them.

Places to Magnet Fish in Manitoba

Places to Magnet Fish in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital of the state of Canada in the province of Manitoba. Its downtown area is The Forks, a historic meeting place of the Red and Assiniboine rivers.

Birds Hill Provincial Park, Springfield, Winnipeg Manitoba

Birds Hill Provincial Park is a tourist hotspot attracting more than one million visitors each year. In summer, festivals and events are conducted, the main campground is frequently booked, and families love the beach and playground.

Pedestrian Bridges on Seine River

  • John Bruce road near St Anne’s Road
  • Niakwa Bridge
  • Termblay Bridge
  • Pont Du Voyager Bridge off of Thibault street
  • Foot bridges on Bunn’s Creek Centennial Park

Red River

  • Esplanade Riel Footbridge near Saint Boniface Hospital
  • Walkway on Northwood Bridge
  • Walkway on Chief Peguis Trail, Kildonan Settlers Bridge

Assiniboine River

  • Walkway on MB334
  • Walkway on 96

Places to Magnet Fish in Selkirk, Manitoba

Selkirk is a city in the Canadian province of Manitoba, located on the Red River northeast of Winnipeg.

  • Selkirk Canoe and Kayak Club on Red River
  • River access on Colville Road
Red River access off of Colville Road

Places to Magnet Fish in Alberta

Places to Magnet Fish in Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta and has grown rapidly since it is the center of the oil boom in Canada.

Bow River

The Bow River runs through Calgary, merging with Elbow river at the historic Fort Calgary near downtown.

Here are a few spots on the Bow River:

  • Near Bridge on 85 St NW
  • John Hextall Bridge
  • Bridges along Memorial Drive NW
    • Mewat Bridge
    • Peace Bridge
    • under Center Street Bridge
    • near Bridge on 14st
    • near Bridge on 10st
    • George C King Pedestrian Bridge
  • Foot bridge on Blackfoot trail adjacent to 17 Ave SE (Cushing Bridge)
  • Policeman Flats
Policeman Flats – Popular fishing spot in Calgary

Elbow River

Historic Fort Calgary
  • Strom Ponds
  • Spots on Calgary Riverwalk on the intersection of Bow and Elbow rivers

Do Not Magnet Fish around Glenmore Reservoir

The Glenmore Reservoir has unexploded explosive ordinance and could be extremely dangerous. Avoid this area.

According to the www.uxocanada.forces.gc.ca “From 1908 to 1998, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) conducted training operations on the Harvey Barracks, Weaselhead Park, and Sarcee training area now known as Tsuu T’ina Nation.  

Manoeuvre trainings were carried out using high explosive, pyrotechnic or inert filled projectiles, shoulder fired and air launched rockets, grenades and various other munitions.  DND/CAF has done work to clear unexploded explosive ordnance (UXO) but there may still be unexploded ordinance in this area.”

Avoid Magnet Fishing around Weaselhead Park, and Sarcee training area now known as Tsuu T’ina Nation and Glenmore Reservoir


Canada is a large country and has beautiful beautiful places and several water bodies – lakes, ponds, rivers, the great Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean so you should never run out of places to magnet fish. If you need some more tips and tricks on where to look good spots for magnet fishing, refer this article.


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