5 Best Places for Magnet Fishing in Maine

Maine is one of the oldest states in the US with recorded history going back to 1000 BC. Maine was at one point part of Massachusetts. It became its own state in 1820, becoming the 23rd U.S.  state. Maine has also seen several wars between colonists (French and Native Americans) and then in the Revolutionary war against the British. In 1890s, Maine began utilizing its vast river resources for the development of hydroelectric power and textile and leather industries thrived here. Maine also had an extensive rail road network dating back to late 1800s.

With the large number of rivers and rail network Maine has several historic bridges that are great places for magnet fishing.

Be that as it may, it is important to check out well-regarded historic bridges if you want to get the most out of your magnet fishing trips. To begin, here are a few ideal places to magnet fish in Maine.

Best places for magnet fishing in Maine include:

  • Black Bridge, Brunswick and Topsham, Cumberland County
  • Androscoggin County
    • Ash Street Bridge, Lewiston, Androscoggin County
    • Mechanic Falls Railroad Bridge, Mechanic Falls, Androscoggin County
  • Brooklyn Road Bridge, Waldo County
  • Cumberland and Oxford Canal

Black Bridge, Brunswick and Topsham, Cumberland County

The Black Bridge is a historic bridge built in 1909 by the Pennsylvania Steel Company of Steelton, Pennsylvania.
The bridge is located on the Androscoggin river and is one of the most popular spot for magnet fishers in Maine.

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Location of the Black Bridge

Black Bridge – Brunswick and Topsham, Cumberland County, Maine

Photo of Black Bridge

Androscoggin County

Named for the Androscoggin Indians, the county was established at the location of present-day Lewiston, Maine, in 1854. Home to the twin cities of Lewiston and Auburn, which together make up the second largest city in the state of Maine. The county has 6% water bodies and a lot of bridges.

Ash Street Bridge, Lewiston, Androscoggin County

The Ash Street bridge is a tiny foot bridge located in Lewiston and is close to several pubs, breweries and restaurants. It is situated over a small Androscoggin river canal and sees a lot of foot traffic. This seems like the perfect place people may accidentally drop something or dump something.

Ash Street Bridge Location

Mechanic Falls Railroad Bridge, Mechanic Falls, Androscoggin County

Very little history of this bridge is known but the historic Grand Trunk station on Elm Street in Mechanic Falls was built in 1883. This bridge would have also been built around this time.

Mechanic Falls Rail Road Bridge – Photo

Mechanic Falls Rail Road Bridge – Location

Brooklyn Road Bridge, Waldo County

The bridge was constructed in 1908 by the American Bridge Company. Historically it was a narrow roadway to cross the Marsh stream from the Penobscot River. It is now closed to vehicular traffic but open for pedestrians to walk.

Brooklyn Road Bridge, Photo

Brooklyn Road Bridge, Location

Cumberland and Oxford Canal

Cumberland and Oxford Canal opened in 1832 is one of the most historic waterway in Maine history. It connects the large Sebago Lake to the sea port of Portland in Maine. Lumber, masts, barrel hoops and staves, apples and firewood were shipped from the interior of the nation to Portland. Another significance of this water way was its significance during the American Civil War. The Oriental Powder Company mills adjacent to the canal in Windham manufactured nearly 25% of the Union ammunition supply for the American Civil War. You can imagine the amount of canal boats that would have floated through these water ways. The entire section of the water way could be a perfect location to find historic treasures.

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Cumberland and Oxford Canal  – Location

Cumberland and Oxford Canal – Photos

Cumberland and Oxford Canal from Route 35 in Standish
Steam boats used along the canal in mid-1800s

With its rich history Maine is a great place if you are a magnet fisher. While we have listed a few spots, you will need to use your creativity to find you magnet fishing spot.


Cumberland and Oxford Canal
Maine Historical Bridges

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