21 Best Places For Magnet Fishing In Missouri

The state of Missouri is in the heart of the midwestern region of the United States. The state has more than six million residents and is the 19th most populous state in the country. The state has the mighty Missouri river, Mississippi river and 40 other rivers and its tributaries, the Lake of Ozarks, Table Rock lake, Mark Twain lake, Thomas Hill reservoir, Bull Shoals lake, Stockton lake, Norfolk lake and many other water bodies.

With so many water bodies it is not hard to find a good place for magnet fishing in Missouri. 

The places identified below are not just the only places,  magnet fishing spots are all around you. You need to do some research and be creative. Here is something I wrote about finding a good magnet fishing spot not just in Missouri but anywhere around you.

Magnet Fishing Spots in St Louis

Since River Mississippi cuts flows right along St Louis you have several bridges old and new that are amazing spots for magnet fishing.

Merchant's Bridge

Merchant's Bridge

Opened in 1889, the Merchants bridge also known as the Merchants Memorial Mississippi Rail Bridge, is a bridge crossing the Mississippi River between St. Louis, Missouri, and Venice, Illinois. 

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The old Chain of Rocks Bridge

The Chain of Rocks Bridge, located on the north edge of St. Louis, Missouri, spans the Mississippi River. The eastern end of the bridge is near Chouteau Island; the western end is on the Missouri shoreline. 

Wabash and New Discovery Bridge

Yacht Club of St Louis

The premier marina on the upper Mississippi is located in St. Charles county, Missouri, at the Yacht Club Of St. Louis. This is an exclusive private yacht club so you will have to find a public place around the club where you can magnet fish.

Woodland Marina 

Located in St. Charles, Missouri, just off of St Louis, Missouri, Woodland Marina provides boat storage and wet slips. 

St Louis Riverfront Trail under the McKinley Bridge 

The McKinley Bridge is a steel truss bridge that crosses the Mississippi River. The bridge connects the Northern parts of the city of St. Louis, Missouri, with Venice, Illinois. It opened in 1910 and was taken out of service in 2001. The walking trail gives you a good access point under the bridge to magnet fish.

Polestar Boating Center

Polestar Boating Center is a private, locally run marina located on the Mississippi River to the west of the Dardenne Slough. They provide docking and mooring services for large boats, sailboats and yachts. Note this is a private marina but if you can find public places around the marina to magnet fish.

Magnet fishing Spots on the Meramec River

  • Old bridge between Larkin William Road and Levee Trail, Greenway Access next to Highway 141.
  • You could also try throwing in your magnet from the Fenton City park into the Meramec River.

Lake of Ozarks

The Lake of Ozarks is a reservoir in the northern part of the Ozarks in central Missouri. This is a massive lake and you could probably be magnet fishing in and around the Lake of Ozarks for many days.

Here are some spots around the Lake of Ozarks.

Bagnell Dam

Bagnell Dam – Has some amazing spots for magnet fishing

The Bagnell Dam was built in the year 1931 and is a historic site. It has a large number of tourists and traditional fishermen. Look for boating docks, boating ramps, cruise docks, fishing docks, and tourist lookouts close to water.

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Anderson Hollow Cove

Anderson Hollow Cove aka Party Cove

Anderson Hollow Cove also called the party cove has several thousand boats and many several thousand people gathering on summer weekends to have some of the wildest parties in the Midwest. I am sure there are so many things dropped into the waters here and near the docks in this area. Not the place to take your young kids magnet fishing, if you know what I mean 😉 but a fun place to check out.

Magnet Fishing Spots in Springfield, Missouri

Springfield is the third largest city in the U.S. state of Missouri, The city sits on the Springfield Plateau of the Ozarks. The city is known for its outdoor recreation activities due to the rivers, 100 city parks and 140 miles (230 km) of outdoor bike trails.

Let us look at some areas suited for magnet fishing.

Lake Springfield park and Boathouse

This spot has several spots to check out. This area is close to the James River Power Station.

There is the Lake Springfield fishing access ramp, the Clay Henshaw Memorial Access area and a bridge in S Kissick Ave. 

James River Water Trail (Close to R Kemmling Ln)

This is a spot next to the Springfield Township and the Missouri Veterans Cemetery on R Kemmling Lane. There is an old rail bridge on the James River trail.

Galloway Creek Greenway

Galloway Creek Greenway near the Rivermonte Memorial Gardens. This is a small walkway between US Hwy 60 and 65.

The Springfield Conservation Nature Center

The Springfield Conservation Nature Center is an 80-acre nature park, within the city limits of Springfield. You find a lot of walkways with lots of foot traffic.

Fellows Lake

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Fellows Lake is a 860-acre watershed for the surrounding community. The lake was created upon the impoundment of Little Sac River behind the Fellows Lake Dam.

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There are a couple of spot around Fellows Lake:

Bridge on N Farm Rd 197

There is also a bridge on N Farm Rd 197. Please be safe when you magnet fish on roadways.

Fellows Lake Marina

The Fellows Lake Marina is a public marina with boat rental and a sailing club. They rent motorized and sail boats, kayaks and canoes.  

There are also several boat docks and fishing docks in and around Fellows Lake.

Docks are natural hotspots for magnet fishing since it has a lot of people who drop a lot of things.

Mc Daniel lake – McDaniel Lake Bridge, Farm Rd 76

McDaniel Lake is a location of 300 acres in Springfield, Missouri that provides water to its residents. The bridge on Farm road 76 is a really nice spot with enough spots for people to stand on the side of the road and magnet fish. Always be safe when you magnet fish on roadways.

Stockton Lake – Orleans Trail Marina, Stockton State Park Marina

Stockton Lake is a reservoir located in southeastern Cedar County, northeastern Dade County, and southwestern Polk County, Missouri. It consists of three marinas, and plenty of recreation-use areas. It covers 39 square miles, with 298 miles of shoreline.

Stockton Lake is best known for its clear water and opportunities for water activities like swimming, scuba diving, and fishing. The lake is a part of the Stockton State Park which has multiple campsites and cabins and several water recreation areas. What this means is that these waters see a lot of people in summer so you will find multiple spots to magnet fish around Stockton Lake and Park.

Magnet Fishing Spots in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

This is a small city located in Cape Girardeau on the Mississippi River and Scott Counties in the U.S. state of Missouri. Since the border of the city is along the Mississippi river, check for spots along the river near the Sheppard point trail or the Cape La Croix Creek or the bridge on S Sprigg Street.

Checkout for spots along the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge. 


The state of Missouri has 40 + rivers with the largest rivers being Mississippi, Missouri that run through the entire state. There are also the Gasconade river, Meramec river, Grand river, Osage river, Saint Francis river, Black river which are fairly long rivers. Just be creative and look out for some nice foot bridges or docks or state parks where people go and you have found yourself a great spot to magnet fish.


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