Top 5 Best Places for Magnet Fishing in North Dakota

Top 5 Best Places for Magnet Fishing in North Dakota

North Dakota is the nineteenth largest city in the United States of America well known for its rich history, especially when it comes to natural resources. The oil in the Bakken formation in particular has played an important part in the economic history of the country.

North Dakota has been home to several tribes of Native Americans and European immigrants in its history which has led to a smorgasbord of cultures, folk tales, art, and architecture.

This makes North Dakota a great place for magnet fishing. Most of the value you may get may still be odd items such as bikes, pipes, and so forth but if you are lucky, you may land a few valuable historical objects.

As hunting and fishing are also quite popular with Native North Dakotans, there is a very good chance of finding both fishing and hunting gears in your magnet fishing adventures.

But how can you find the ideal spots? Research is the answer. Look for water bodies near historical locations or popular fishing and hunting spots and keep track of your finds. To help you get started, here are some of the best places for magnet fishing in North Dakota.

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5 of the best places for magnet fishing in North Dakota include:

  • Valley City
  • Jamestown
  • Lake Sakakawea
  • Lake Oahe
  • Devil's Lake

Valley City

magnet fishing in valley city north dakota

Valley City may only be the thirteenth largest city in North Dakota but it provides an ample amount of opportunities for magnet fishermen. If you are wondering why then maybe its nickname (City of Bridges) might give you a clue. There are numerous bridges located all over the city making it a paradise of sorts for magnet fishing.

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Originally called Worthington in 1874, the name that we use now came into being much later due to the city being located in the valley of the Sheyenne River.

Among the numerous bridges one can find here, one of the most prominent ones is the Hi-Line Railroad Bridge. One of the best spots for magnet fishing in North Dakota is these bridges. Apart from a wide variety of metal objects and bikes, there is a very good chance of you finding items of historical significance too such as centuries-old guns and signage.

Address – Valley City, ND 58072

Photos of Valley City

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magnet fishing in Jamestown north dakota

The ninth-largest city in North Dakota, Jamestown, is well known for its one of a kind attractions and recreational fishing. Its history is quite interesting too as the city came into being in 1871 after a Northern Pacific Railroad work crew decided to set up camp in the area where the railroad crossed the James River. The city was named in 1872 after General Thomas Rosser of Northern Pacific named it after Jamestown in Virginia.

Today, the city is well known for its large artificial lakes, watersports, and recreational fishing. Pelican Point Landing and Lakeside Campground located north of Jamestown are great places to go magnet fishing. With a public beach, marina, and fishing docks, the probability of finding valuable loot is quite high even if it isn’t guaranteed.

If you are looking for a more serene place to try your luck, then any of the three artificial lakes might be worth checking out. You do have to figure out the areas with the most footfall though.

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Photos of Jamestown

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Lake Sakakawea

magnet fishing in Lake Sakakawea north dakota

Located in the Missouri River basin in North Dakota, Lake Sakakawea is a large water reservoir known for a wide variety of water-based recreational activities.

The lake is named after Sacagawea who was a Lemhi Shoshone woman who at the young age of 16 helped the Lewis and Clark expedition in exploring the Louisiana territory. During their expedition, their boat had capsized causing the various records and journals of Lewis and Clark to fall into the water.

Sacagawea quickly managed to retrieve them and preserve their writings. The lake was then named Sakakawea in honor of her quick thinking and courageous deed. Today, it is a popular destination for all those who enjoy being out on the water.

The lake is nearly fourteen miles at its widest point making it a great destination for those who love boating, fishing, and camping. This in turn makes the lake a great place to find a wide variety of valuable items from tools, fishing gear, coins, and more.

Photos of Lake Sakakawea

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Lake Oahe

magnet fishing in Lake Oahe north dakota

As one of the largest water reservoirs in the country, Lake Oahe spans over 370,000 acres and has a maximum depth of 205 feet with 51 recreation areas nearby in total.

The area also has a ton of historical significance as many prehistoric archaeological sites have been discovered nearby. More than 1.5 million people visit this place every year to not only take in the view but also to partake in the numerous activities available such as recreational fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and more.

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There is a lot of land to cover here and so it might take some time to figure out the best spots for magnet fishing. Some of the spots you might want to consider would be popular fishing spots, camping grounds, and pretty much any place where people go for water sports. You might come across a few historically valuable items too if you are lucky.

Photos of Lake Oahe

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Devil’s Lake

magnet fishing in Devils Lake north dakota
magnet fishing in Devils Lake north dakota

Being the largest natural water body in North Dakota, Devil’s Lake has a rich history behind it, making it one of the more interesting places to go to magnet fishing.

Historically, the area belonged to the Dakota people who were relocated there after the 1867 treaty. It was believed to be home of the underwater serpent “Unktehi”, which was considered to be a sacred entity for the Dakota people. Early European-American settlers mistranslated the name and so the “Devil Lake” came into being.

Today the lake is well known for various water-based recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and different types of watersports. There are plenty of boat ramps too allowing you to go magnet fishing in the lake to try your luck. Although there is a good chance you will find coins here, you probably will be pulling out a ton of fishing gear.

Photos of Devil's Lake

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There are many ways through which you can figure out the best spots for magnet fishing in North Dakota. One way is to see if you can join a magnet fishing community there to find out what other like-minded people do and the various objects they have managed to find.

The best way of course is to do a little bit of research on popular spots that see regular footfall and try your luck there. The more consistent footfall a place has, the more chances you have of finding valuable items.

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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