Top 5 Best Places for Magnet Fishing In Wisconsin

Best Places for Magnet Fishing In Wisconsin

Traditional fishing is quite popular in Wisconsin and you will probably meet a few anglers standing along the various waterways. However, upon a closer look, you might find that some of them aren't traditional fishermen.

Instead of a fishing rod, they will be equipped with a rope and a magnet. They aren’t planning on catching fishes though. They are looking out for valuable loot instead. Magnet fishing is becoming increasingly popular in Wisconsin today with no visible signs of stopping any time soon.

So you want to try magnet fishing in Wisconsin but don’t know where to start? Unlike fishing, there aren't any guaranteed spots for finding loot. This is where the fun actually begins.

You have to research various factors like figuring out areas with heavy footfall, places with historical significance, and so on. Also, see if there are any water bodies nearby.

If you are very lucky, you might find a rare object that might get you a lot of money. Most of the time, however, you should be getting commonly used items like coins, tools and metal objects.

To get you started in this wonderful journey, here is a guide to a few locations in Wisconsin where you might find lady luck smiling at you.

5 of the best places for magnet fishing in Wisconsin include:

  • Lake Winnebago
  • Lakeside Park, Fond du Lac
  • Horicon Marsh
  • Milwaukee River
  • Brule River

Lake Winnebago

Magnet fishing in Lake Winnebago wisconsin

As the largest lake in the state spanning over 30 miles by 10 miles, Lake Winnebago is one of the best places to do some good old fashioned magnet fishing.

The lake is named after the Winnebago tribe that once lived on the shores of Green Bay. Today it is home to parks and numerous outdoor activities such as fishing and boating.

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With so many people frequently visiting the nearby areas, the probability of finding loot is pretty high. As plenty of people go for boating or aqua bikes in the lake, you can take your boat out into the water and look for lost items.

Look for the places that have the most footfall and try to find an ideal spot for fishing. With some luck, you should be finding a variety of interesting objects.

Address – Winnebago, Calumet, Font du Lac County

Photos of Lake Winnebago

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Lakeside Park, Fond du Lac

Magnet fishing in Lakeside Park Wisconsin

Lakeside Park is a 400-acre park situated on Lake Winnebago and is one of the most popular places in the state. Over 15,000 years ago, the first tribe of Native Americans lived in Wisconsin.

The tribe was known for building grand effigy mounds in the shapes of animals, birds, and reptiles. Over time, however, they mysteriously vanished from the land although many speculate that they probably evolved into other tribes such as the Winnebagos.

Today, the area has evolved into popular cities and tourist destinations, one of which is Lakeside Park. With a lighthouse, picnic area, splash pad, petting zoo, marina, and fishing platforms, the area is a paradise for those who love magnet fishing.

With so many different activities spread over the park, there is a large amount of area where you can find potential loot. If you visit the park for a few days, you will be able to figure out places near the water which have the most amount of footfall. Then the only thing you need to do is find the ideal spot for magnet fishing and you will be good to go.

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Address – 555M. Park Avenue, Font du Lac, WI

Photos of Lakeside Park, Fond du Lac

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Horicon Marsh

Magnet fishing in Horicon Marsh Wisconsin

Located in northern Dodge and southern Fond du Lac counties, the Horicon Marsh is a national and state wildlife refuge and the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the country.

The history of the marsh dates back to the Pleistocene era when the area was covered by a glacier. Over time, the glacier melted while forming small landforms which became the small islands we see today. It was first called the “Great Marsh of the Winnebagos” and the settlement that arose there, “Horicon”.

In the present day, over 21,400 acres of the area is managed by the U.S Fish and Wildlife service. There are also numerous recreational activities there such as photography, game hunting, paddling, and fishing. This makes the marsh a great place to find a wide variety of loot ranging from fishing gear, coins, tools, and even firearms.

Moreover, by removing these objects you will also be helping to keep the place environmentally clean and safe for the wildlife.

Address – N7725 Highway 28 Horicon, Wisconsin 53032

Photos of Horicon Marsh

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Milwaukee River

Magnet fishing in Milwaukee River Wisconsin

One of the most well-known rivers in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee River spans over 104 miles.

Before the European settlements, the area was home to Native Americans who referred to the lake as “Maynawalky”. Today, it is home to a housing boom causing an influx of young professionals, especially in the downtown and harbor districts.

It also has an extensive river walk filled with restaurants, art displays, and boat launches which leads to consistently heavy footfall throughout the year.

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The area also has plenty of movable bridges and railroad bridges which are ideal places to find some loot.

Some have found a variety of objects such as bikes, railroad spikes, pipes, and even steel pennies from WWII. Apart from these locations, there are also several parks on the banks of the river that hundreds of people visit every day.

Photos of Milwaukee River

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Brule River

Magnet fishing in Bois Brule River Wisconsin

The Brule River which starts at the Brule Lake is over 52.3 miles long and is well known for trout fishing and canoeing. Compared to others, the Brule River has a more consistent flow as most of it is still untouched. This plays an important part in magnet fishing as various objects will be carried downstream from where you can fish them out.

The river also has plenty of campsites on both sides and is frequently visited by fishermen trying to catch the brook and brown trouts. This again provides a lot of opportunities for finding a good amount of loot. The chances of finding rare loot might be somewhat low but you should be able to fish out a wide range of objects there.

Photos of Brule River

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There are plenty of other places where you can try your luck magnet fishing in Wisconsin but the above locations should help you to get started. Although it is based on luck, magnet fishing tends to get more rewarding the more you do it.

After you have visited a dozen places or so, you will get a general idea of the type of locations where the best types of loot are found. From then on, you can just research about similar locations and try your luck there.

If possible, carry a notebook and write down the name and specific spot where you found your loot. Over time, this data might help you to search for new potential areas. Good luck and happy magnet fishing!

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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