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The state of Ohio is the 24 largest US state and a major industrial state in the mid-west region. In this post you will find some of the best spots to magnet fish in Ohio especially in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and Dayton.

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The state is named after the river Ohio. The state has 3300+ named rivers and creeks, lake Erie in the north, Grand Lake and many more water bodies for you to magnet fish.

best places to magnet fish in ohio

Let us take a look a some specific spots in each city.

Places to Magnet Fish in Columbus

Scioto River

The Scioto river runs 231 miles and right through the state capital Columbus. It collects the Olentangy River right at Columbus and joins the Ohio River at Portsmouth.

Here are a few spots to magnet fish along the Scioto river:

Scioto River Boat Ramp in OH-316 or under the bridge

Scioto River Boat Ramp in OH-762 or under the bridge

Scioto Green Way

The first greenway trail built in Columbus, this path follows the historic downtown riverfront. A second pathway runs along the west bank of the Scioto River, from Souder Avenue to Dodge Park. From North Bank Park to Bicentennial Park, the path is the spine of the city's famous Scioto Mile, a chain of major landmarks, civic buildings, and walkways. Directly southeast of here is South Bank Park.

This 6.15 mile trail has so many spots for magnet fishing since this is an ideal place with so many tourists, walkers, joggers, cyclists using it every day and offices, restaurants and bars located on it.

Under the US Hwy 62
Multiple Walkway Lookouts between Discovery Bridge and W Rich Street

Old Bridge off of Quarry Trails Drive on Trabue Road

Boating Dock next to Shelter house

Multiple Boat Ramps on O'Shaughnessy Reservoir

Olentangy River

The Olentangy river is a 97 mile long river, rising in the Morrow County and flows through Galion, Bucyrus, Marion, Delaware, Powell, Worthington Counties, Village of Riverlea, Columbus and Ohio State University campus before joining Scioto river in downtown Columbus.

Here are a few spots on the Olentangy river:

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Olentangy Trail

Olentangy trail is another greenway trail that connects Worthington Columbus and travels right through the Ohio State University campus. It offers many spots to magnet fish dues to the amount of foot traffic along these trails.

  • Foot bridge under W Dodridge Street
  • Multiple foot trails
  • Nationwide Blvd – Trail Bridge

Delaware Lake

  • Delaware State Park Beach
  • Delaware State Park Marina
  • Sherwood Road Boat Ramp

Deer Creek

  • Deer Creek State Park beach
  • Deer Creek Marina

Alum Creek

Alum Creek is a 58 mile long creek. The creek originates in Morrow County and then flows through Delaware County and finally into Franklin County, where it ultimately terminates at Big Walnut Creek, which empties into the Scioto River.

The creek has a state park, beaches and multiple boat ramps, some really nice spots to magnet fish.

  • Kayak Launch
  • Galena Boat Ramp
  • Alum Creek Marina
  • State Park Boat Ramp
  • State Pak Beach
  • Alum Creek Sailing Association Boat Ramp

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Places to Magnet Fish in Cincinnati

The Ohio river is 981 mile long river that runs through 6 US states. Cincinnati is the 3rd largest city in Ohio and rests along 22 miles of the the Ohio river.

Ohio River

Here are a few spots in the Ohio river,

Smale Riverfront Park

Spots near American Queen Paddle Wheel on the Ohio River Trail

Sawyer Point Park

Riverside Boat Ramp off of Ohio River Scenic Byway

Fernbank Park

Docks on the Boat Club off of Three River Pkwy

Watch Couple magnet fishing on the Ohio river

Couple magnet fishing on the Ohio river

Great Miami River

Heritage Park

Multiple Magnet Fishing Spots on the Great Miami River Recreational Trail, Hamilton, Ohio

  • Under the Pershing Ave bridge and along Neilan Blvd
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  • Little further away between the old rail bridge and High Street Bridge on Main street
  • Magnet fishing spot on High Street Bridge on Main Street, Hamilton, Ohio

Little Miami River

Lake Isabella Boat house and Miami River Access near Lake Isabella

Whitewater River

Muddy Creek

Boat docks and Marinas on Muddy Creek

Lakes in Cincinnati

Apart from the multiple rivers Cincinnati also has several lakes that has spot for magnet fishing

  • Twin Lakes at Eden Park
  • Brookville Lake
  • Lake Isabella
  • Acton Lake at Hueston Woods State Park
  • East Fork Lake
  • Winton Lake

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Places to Magnet Fish in Dayton

Caesar Creek State Park

Located between Dayton and Cincinnati, five miles east of Waynesville, in Warren, Clinton, and Greene counties the Caesar Creek State park has a 2830 acre lake. The park has camp grounds, beaches, trails and a marina.

Miami River

Spots along Great Miami River Recreational Trail

Dayton Canoe Club

Foot bridge connecting Island Metro park and Triangle Park

Riverscape Metro Park

Mad River

  • Under the N Keowee Street bridge

Stillwater River

Spots on Stillwater Recreational Trail

  • Under Bessie Little Bridge on Ridge Avenue

Lakes in Dayton

  • Eastwood Lake – Part of the Eastwood Metropark,  You’ll find boat docks and lake used by people on boats, sail boats, kayaks, and paddle boats.
  • Cedar Lake
  • Cowan Lake
  • Grand Lake St. Mary’s
  • Indian Lake
  • Caesar Creek Lake – Has multiple boats ramps, beach, and swimming areas.

Places to Magnet Fish in Cleveland

Cleveland on the northern-most part of Ohio is the 54 largest city in the USA. The city has total area of 82.4 square miles of which 4.77 square miles is water. This is made up of Lake Erie on the north and the Cuyahoga River, Big Creek, Rocky and Euclid Creek rivers.

Here are a few spots to magnet fish in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lake Erie

The 4th largest lake among the 5 Great lakes of North America. It is situated between the international border between USA and Canadian province of Ontario. Lake Erie's source is the Detroit river and outflow is to the Niagara river. Much of lake Erie freezes during winter so not much you can do magnet fishing in winter.

Here are a few spots on Lake Erie:

Bradstreet Fishing Pier

The actual pier may be closed but you cans till access the lake at this point.

Huntington Beach off of Lake Road

Bay Boat Club off of Lake Road

Columbia Park off of Lake Road

Wagar Beach

Rocky River Park

Multiple docks, marinas where Rocky river meets Lake Erie

Clifton Beach and close to Dr Edward Bishop Lighthouse

Edgewater Pier

Edgewater Marina and Public Boat Ramp

Boat Ramps, Docks and Yatch Clubs

Some of them might be private so please use public access areas to magnet fish.

  • Chagrin Lagoons Yacht Club
  •  Northeast Yacht Club
  • Intercity Yatch Club
  • Lakeside Yatch Club

Magnet fishing Spots on Cuyahoga River

Under Cuyahoga Viaduct near Columbus Road

Center Street Bridge

Willow Avenue Bridge on Whiskey Island Drive

Multiple Spots around Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Settler's Landing Park

Heritage Park

West Third Street Bridge

And many more bridge on the Cuyahoga River

Multiple Spots on the Towpath Trail along the Canal Road

Places to Magnet Fish in Toledo

Toledo is the forth largest city in Ohio and straddles the Maumee river, Ottawa river and lake Erie.

Here are some places for magnet fishing in Toledo, Ohio.

Lake Erie

Multiple yacht clubs, boat docks and lake houses

Maumee River

Toledo Sailing Club and Maumee River Yacht Club on Broadway Street

Bridge on Conant Street

Ottawa River

Yacht Clubs, Boat Docks and Marinas near North Maumee Bay

Foot Walkways on Wildwood Preserve Metropark

A 493-acre park which has multiple walkways and trails bisecting the Ottawa river. With a lot of people (walker, joggers) and bikers using these trails, Metropark should have spots for magnet fishing.

University of Toledo – Multiple Foot Bridges

Bridge on Willys Parkway

Bridge on N Summit Street


The great state of Ohio has several water bodies for you to magnet fish. This post identifies more than 100 spots in and around the state for you to magnet fish. However, there can be many more places you could magnet fish in and around where you live.

Look for

  • Spots on canals or rivers
  • Foot over bridges
  • Docks on lakes and rivers
  • Marinas on lakes and rivers


Information on Ohio, Cities and the various water bodies – Wikipedia.org

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