Top 10 Best Ropes for Magnet Fishing: In-depth Guide and Review

Magnet fishing is slowly becoming more and more popular every day. To experience it in the best way possible, you need the right gear. Apart from the magnet, one of the most important parts of your gear is the rope.

The best rope for magnet fishing will be durable and waterproof. It should have a strength limit of more than the magnet you will be using. You also want enough length to reach the bottom lake.

If you ever come across valuable heavy loot, you need a strong rope to pull it out of the water. Hopefully, this guide will help you figure out which ropes to use and why you should use them.

The top 10 best ropes for magnet fishing are:

  • HomTop
  • MHDMAG (Nylon)
  • CMS Magnetics
  • Wukong
  • CactusBloom
  • MHDMAG (Braided)
  • Woodland Home Deluxe
  • Loreso
  • Attwood
Top 10 Best Ropes for Magnet Fishing In-depth Guide and Review
Top 10 Best Ropes for Magnet Fishing In-depth Guide and Review

What to Look For?

The type of rope you require depends on a few different factors such as the type of loot you are planning to fish out of the water and where you plan to go magnet fishing. Let’s take a look at some of the important aspects to keep in mind when buying the right rope for your needs.


You should go for a rope that is at least 50 feet long. This varies depending on your purpose, of course, but it is always wiser to go for some extra length because you might never know when you might need it. Most people who do magnet fishing usually go for ropes in the 65 feet range.


Since magnet fishing involves water, it requires ropes that have great resistance to water. In this regard, the best materials to look for in a magnet fishing rope are nylon, polyester, and polypropylene ropes.

Nylon comes in two types: normal and braided where the latter is more durable but rougher to the touch.

Another type is paracord ropes but they don’t have a lot of resistance to water. On the other hand, they are small but very strong so you can use it to pull relatively heavy objects.


This is a very important aspect when it comes to buying the right magnet fishing rope. Different ropes come with different durability and strength. To buy a rope with the right strength you need to take a look at how much pulling force your magnet has.

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For instance, if your magnet has a pulling force of 800lbs, then you need to buy a rope that can handle that much weight.

Best Nylon Ropes for Magnet Fishing

HomTop – One of the Best Budget Nylon Ropes for Magnet Fishing

The HomTop nylon magnet fishing rope comes with a carabiner, two color options, length of 65 feet, and a maximum tensile force of 617lbs. It comes in orange and black color variants. If you plan to go magnet fishing in the late evening or night, the orange option would be more convenient to use.

It comes with a stainless steel D-ring locking carabiner which is always useful, especially for magnet fishing purposes. If you are new to magnet fishing, then the 6mm option would be a good choice to go for whereas more experienced magnet fishermen can go for the thicker 8 mm variant.

The quality is very good especially at such a low price point as the rope is made out of 16 fine cross-woven rope threads twisted together for extra durability and strength. The 6mm variant has a pulling force of 617lbs whereas the 8mm one can pull objects that weigh up to 1102lbs.

It comes at a very attractive priceThe orange sheathing may unravel over time
The quality is outstanding for a budget magnet fishing ropeSome users reported snag in the rope
You get a full refund or replacement option if you aren’t satisfied with it

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

MHDMAG – One of the Best Reinforced Nylon Ropes for Magnet Fishing

This one is targeted towards intermediate and experienced users who are looking for high strength but affordable rope for magnet fishing. It comes with three color options (black, blue, red), carabiner, 65 feet length, a tensile strength of 1000lbs, and a stainless steel wire core.

One of the best aspects of this rope is of course its stainless steel core. This lends an incredible amount of durability and strength to it which makes it possible for you to pull objects that weigh up to a whopping 1000lbs.

While it is very strong, this rope tends to get snagged a lot underwater. So you might have to be careful when you are magnet fishing in murky waters. The quality of the carabiner is also not on par with the quality of the rope.

It is very versatileThe rope tends to get snagged underwater
It has a stainless steel coreThe quality of the carabiner could have been better
High-quality construction
It presents exceptional value for money

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

CMS MAGNETICS – One of the Best Nylon Paracords for Magnet Fishing

If you are a beginner to magnet fishing and interested in fishing out small objects, then this might be a great option for you. It comes with a length of 50 feet, nylon cord construction with abrasion-resistant sheath, a tensile strength of 550lbs, and is very lightweight.

The first thing that will catch your eye is its vibrant yellow color which makes it ideal for magnet fishing in murky waters, especially in the late evenings. The construction is also very good as the paracord consists of 7 nylon cords (3 strands each) enclosed in a high-quality sheath.

However, it isn’t 100 percent water-resistant. So this is not a rope you should use all the time but only for certain situations when you want to go magnet fishing for small objects like coins in shallow waters.

It is incredibly lightweightIt gets tangled easily
It is UV resistantNot for consistent usage in water
Quality of the rope is very good
It is also resistant to abrasion and rot

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Best Braided Ropes for Magnet Fishing

Wukong – One of the Most Versatile Braided Polyester Ropes for Magnet Fishing

Braided ropes are more durable and are generally stronger than their non-braided counterparts. This one comes with two color options (black, red), two sizes per color, stainless steel D-ring carabiner, rope height adjuster, and maximum tensile strength of 550lbs.

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What makes it so versatile is that you can easily tie knots on it and even adjust the height of the rope as per your needs. This makes it great for not just magnet fishing but also other purposes such as rappelling, boating, and even special effects rigging.

On the downside, the black color makes it very difficult to see in murky waters. Although it provides a lot of versatility, the price is a bit higher when you look at its strength.

The quality of the rope is very goodThe black color makes it difficult to see in dark and murky waters
It can easily be rolled into a coilThe price is a bit expensive considering the relatively lower tensile strength
Great for a wide variety of uses
It comes with a rope height adjuster

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

CactusBloom – One of the Toughest Braided Polyester Ropes for Magnet Fishing

If you are looking for a strong and tough rope with incredible high-quality construction, then this one might be right up your alley. It comes with fray and UV resistant qualities, a heavy-duty stainless steel carabiner (7mm diameter), 65 feet length, and maximum tensile strength of 990lbs.

In terms of quality, this rope has it in spades. It is woven from 16 strand polyester and comes with a strong core made for marine environments. The material also dries very fast and is resistant to fraying and UV rays making it ideal for outdoor use.

The yellow color also makes it easy to spot in murky waters. One surprising aspect of this rope, however, is that it has a very high-quality carabiner. The only downside to this rope (albeit a very small one) is its price.

Mind-blowing qualityIt’s quite expensive
Extremely durable and strong
Good visibility in murky water
It dries quickly and is UV and fray resistant
It comes with a high-quality carabiner

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

MHDMAG – One of the Top Accessory Heavy Premium Braided Ropes for Magnet Fishing

Sometimes having a grappling hook can come in handy when you are magnet fishing especially if you are trying to pull an object clumped up together with other objects. This rope comes with a heavy-duty large grappling hook that is designed for that very purpose.

This braided rope comes with the standard length of 65 feet but as far as the grappling hook goes, you get to choose from three different size options.

As it comes with a grappling hook, it would be wise to wear gloves while using it as the ends of the hook are very sharp. The carabiner is the weakest part of this product and should be replaced with a higher quality one. Due to this the price of this product seems quite expensive.

You get a carabiner and a large grappling hook with itAlthough it comes with a large grappling hook, it’s a bit on the pricier side
The quality of the grappling hook is greatThe carabiner is of low quality
The rope is very durable and strong

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Best Polyester Ropes for Magnet Fishing

Woodland Home Deluxe – One of the Best Heavy Duty Polyester Ropes for Magnet Fishing

If you have a lot of experience in magnet fishing and are looking to up your game, then this one might catch your fancy. It comes with a whopping 2000lb maximum tensile strength, high-quality construction, locking carabiner, and a ton of versatility.

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The bright orange color makes it ideal for both clear and murky water which is always a plus. The rope is made out of 48 strands of polyester rope which gives it plenty of pulling strength.

While it is incredibly strong, it isn’t thick enough to be used in saltwater consistently which means it may get damaged over time. This cannot be said with certainty but it might be good to keep it in mind when you are using it.

It has a maximum tensile strength of 2000lbsIt’s only 52 feet in length which makes it unsuitable for very deep waters
It comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defectsIt also might not be ideal for use in saltwater
Tying knots on it is very easy
It is highly versatile

If you’re interested, check out more products and reviews on Amazon!

Loreso – One of the Best Value Polyester Ropes for Intermediate Experienced Magnet Fishermen

This rope is made for intermediate users who want to get into heavy-duty magnet fishing or experienced users looking for a very strong rope. With a length of 65 feet, well-crafted design, bright blue color, and maximum pulling strength of 1200lbs, this is one impressive rope.

You can use it for camping purposes as well if you ever decide to mix magnet fishing and camping over the weekend. It’s also very lightweight for its strength and is very easy to carry around.

It doesn’t get tangled easily which is always an advantage to have when it comes to magnet fishing. This rope also comes with a double carabiner which adds a lot of value considering its price tag.

You get excellent value for moneyThe carabiner is made out of zinc-plated steel and not stainless
It comes with a rubber sleeve
It doesn’t get tangled easily

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

GINEE – One of the Best Polyester Ropes for Deep Water Magnet Fishing

While it is primarily marketed as a climbing rope, this high strength polyester rope is ideal for heavy-duty magnet fishing. With a length of 100 feet, 2 metal carabiner, dual plastic protection ring, and a multi-core multilayer structure, it does an amazing job of fishing out large objects from deep waters.

The most impressive aspect of this rope is its multi-core construction. It is designed to last for a long time and is strong enough to pull heavy objects (pulling strength of 1850lbs). However, on the flip side, there is no weight limit given for the carabiner.

So you might have to splurge on high-quality ones to be on the safer side. While this is an added cost, the quality is very impressive making it worth getting in the long run.

100 feet in length is ideal for use in deep watersThe carabiner is not marked with a maximum weight limit
You can use it to anchor your fishing boat
It comes with a replacement guarantee (for one month)

If you’re interested, check out more products and reviews on Amazon!

Best Polypropylene Ropes for Magnet Fishing

Attwood – One of the Best Value Polypropylene Ropes for Magnet Fishing

This polypropylene rope comes with a length of 50 feet, hollow braided interlaced design, high-quality construction, and vibrant blue color for excellent visibility. It also comes in a solid braided variant and in four different options as far as thickness is concerned.

It’s resistant to UV rays, rot, abrasion, oil, gasoline, and marine growth making it ideal for magnet fishing purposes. So you can use it for docking, anchoring, or even securing cargo, making it very versatile and overall great value for money.

You don’t get a carabiner with it though but as it comes at a very affordable price tag, it’s not a deal-breaker in any sense. It’s not meant for heavy-duty magnet fishing but it’s a great choice for beginners.

Resistance to undesirable elements such as rot, gasoline and marine growthIt doesn’t come with a carabiner
The hollow braided design makes it very lightweight
Great value for money due to its versatility

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ideal length to choose when it comes to Magnet Fishing?

The length of the rope you need depends purely on the depth of the water you plan to fish in. If you prefer magnet fishing in small streams or shallow ponds, then 30 feet or 50 feet rope would be more than sufficient.

If you like fishing in larger lakes, rivers, and ponds, then 65 feet to 80 feet rope would be the best option.

Buying an extra-long rope might not be a good option as it can get frustrating to handle in shallow waters. So it would be wiser to buy two ropes of varying lengths so you can switch between them whenever necessary.

Which is the best type of rope to buy for Magnet Fishing?

While there isn’t any specific type of rope that can be considered to be the best, there are a few ideal ones. As having high resistance to water is a necessity, ropes made out of nylon and polyester are the most common go-to types as they are resistant to mildew, UV rays, and water.

Another good type of ropes are ones made from polypropylene as they are very light and affordable while being very durable.

Should I tie a knot on the rope when I go Magnet Fishing?

There are countless types of knots that you can use when you go magnet fishing. Is it necessary? Not really. Will it be useful? Yes, but again it depends on the situation.

Some knots like the constrictor knot can be very difficult to remove and you might have to cut the rope to release it from the magnet. At the same time, certain knots can also make handling the rope much easier. So it’s completely up to your personal preferences.


There are several different types of ropes available for purchase and come in a variety of strengths, lengths and materials.

Buying the right type of rope might seem confusing or even overwhelming at first but with proper research and reviews, you will be able to negate a lot of the initial worry.

Take a look at different sources and you will get a better idea regarding how good or bad it is. By prioritizing your specific needs and budget, you will be able to find the right rope in no time at all. Happy fishing!

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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