How Much Does it Cost to Start Magnet Fishing

Before starting any new hobby, the first question we usually ask ourselves is “how much is this going to cost me?” You may have been watching YouTube videos on magnet fishing and thought it looked interesting. That's how I got hooked on this amazing hobby.

Magnet fishing is actually pretty cheap to get started. you don't need to get the best gear in order to have a lot of fun. Even a cheap magnet and some paracord are enough to create many lasting memories. So, how much does it cost to start magnet fishing?

To start magnet fishing, you really only need two things, a rope and a magnet. Combined, these will cost about 30-50 dollars. You may also want gloves for protection, a grappling hook for backup, a bucket to carry your finds, and oxalic acid or vinegar to clean them. The total cost to magnet fish including these extra items is about 115-135 dollars.

Let's look a little deeper into each of these items. Why they will cost you this much. And also some recommendations to get you started on your magnet fishing adventure!

How Much Does it Cost to Start Magnet Fishing
How Much Does it Cost to Start Magnet Fishing

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Must-have Items for Magnet Fishing

Before you can go on a magnet fishing adventure, you will need two things. These are the very basics required to enjoy the experience. These items are the magnet and the rope.


You can get a pretty cheap magnet that works great. However, you don't want to cheap out too hard. You also don't want to go too crazy, especially if this is your first time magnet fishing.

While it's true that a smaller magnet will have a hard time picking things up at of the water, a bigger magnet has its own problems as well. If the magnet is too big you run into the risk of clinging on to an object that's just too heavy for you to lift.

The best size magnet, especially for a beginner, will be around 250-400 lb. I would say 350 would be a good limit. Anything less than that and you probably won't find anything too impressive.

If you are thinking of getting started in magnet fishing, it is really important you buy the right kit for your success. I reviewed the top 10 magnet fishing kits, their pros and cons and price. Check it out.

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Check Price on Amazon

A decent entry-level magnet for magnet fishing will cost around 20-30 dollars

Extra Tips

A lot of neodymium magnets on the marketplace will come with a screwed in eyebolt. This is so you can unscrew it to adjust its setting.

Sometimes you will want to throw the magnet out and drag it, while other times you will want to simply lower the magnet down and pull it straight back up. Usually, this is the case if you find something interesting but lose it right at the end of the pull.

These bolts tend to naturally unscrew themselves as you are magnet fishing. I've seen people lose their magnets this way. You will want to superglue the eyebolt in place with some metal compatible glue. A bottle of Blue Loctite super glue (Available on Amazon) works really well for this.

You may want to invest in a cone-shaped magnet or a cone that will slip over the top of your magnet, especially if your magnet fishing in some pretty murky water. This will reduce the chance of losing your magnet, and save you a lot of headaches down the road.

The company brute magnetics actually creates plastic cones that work perfectly with their 2.95-inch magnets. I don't think you'll regret that purchase.

Last but not least, consider bringing a small pry bar or something to use as one. Magnets are stronger than you might think, and a pry bar may come in handy. Especially if the magnet sticks to a dock, building, or side of a bridge.


The next essential item for magnet fishing is, of course, the rope. There are a few types of material you can choose like paracord, braided rope, nylon rope and polypropylene rope. However, for a beginner, 50-100ft of Paracord should be enough.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing your rope is to make sure it has a stronger weight limit then you're magnets pull Force. If you don't, you run the risk of breaking your line if you happen to cling on to something really heavy.

I good rule of thumb is buying a rope 50-80 pounds stronger than the pull force of the magnet. So if the magnet is 350lb then the rope should be about 400-430 or even 500 to be safe.

Learn more about the different kinds of ropes, their advantages and disadvantages in my top 10 ropes for magnet fishing.

Check price on Amazon

A strong rope for magnet fishing will cost about 10-20 dollars.

Extra Items to Consider

There are a couple of extra items you can get for magnet fishing. These will increase your safety, help manage your finds, and clean up any cool objects gathered.


Gloves are very important. In a recent article, I go over why you should wear gloves while magnet fishing. While they aren't technically essential, I don't think anyone should be messing with rusted metal and dirty water without proper protection.

For magnet fishing, you want a glove that's both waterproof and thick. You don't want your hands to get soaked, and you also don't want to get poked by any hooks or other sharp objects.

These gloves on amazon are waterproof and have a thick rubber coat. They work perfectly for magnet fishing. It's a 12 pack, which I think you'll be happy to have spares.

No matter how waterproof gloves are, they still end up getting wet. Plus they will wear out over time so a back up is always needed.

A quality pack of gloves for magnet fishing will cost about 30 dollars.

Checkout our review of top 10 gloves for magnet fishing where I discuss gloves made out of different material, their pros and cons and their cost. I also covered gloves for vey cold, icy conditions.


Taking a bucket with you on your adventure is so useful! I've gone magnet fishing without one before and regretted it. I had to throw all my finds in the bed of my truck. It was a hassle carrying them all, and it was a mess.

A smart thing to do is to carry all your magnet fishing gear such as the ropes and magnets inside the bucket. Then any small items you pull out of the water can go inside too. You will find plenty of coins, hooks, and lures.

Everything is pretty muddy at the end of the trip. It's nice to be able to throw everything in the bucket and not worry about making a mess. Especially if you drive a car rather than a pickup truck.

I got this bucket on amazon and I absolutely love it. It's a thick material and shouldn't get holes very easily from sharp pieces of metal shaking inside. It's super affordable as well.

A good bucket for magnet fishing will cost about 20 dollars.

Grappling Hook

In a recent article, I went over magnet fishing with a grappling hook and all the pros and cons. Basically they are super useful if you find an object that's just too heavy for your magnet. Your magnet might bring the object close to you but once it reaches the surface of the water it disconnects.

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Once your magnet finds something big, having a grappling hook to throw in to support the magnet is a game changer. There are a lot of different grappling hooks available but you don't need to go too crazy to start off.

I reviews some of the best grappling hooks, their advantages, disadvantages and value for price in top 10 grappling hooks for magnet fishing.

Check price on Amazon

A simple grappling hook for magnet fishing will cost about 20 dollars

Clean Objects

I use a couple of things to clean rusted objects. Sometimes I'll just get a big container of white vinegar. Pour it in a bowl, and let my objects soak overnight. It really works wonders.

Another product I've had a lot of success with is oxalic acid, which is available on Amazon for cheap. It seems to be a little quicker then vinegar and does a slightly better job.

Oxalic acid is completely organic and is a compound found in most plants. It's a crystalline solid that becomes a liquid when mixed with water.

Make sure to use proper protection when handling. You'll want to be in a fully ventilated room, and make sure to wear gloves and eye protection.

Mix oxalic acid with water, 2 tablespoons of acid per quart of hot water.

It's super easy to use, and you will be happy with the results. It's definitely worth the purchase in my opinion.

Cleaning products for magnet fishing finds will cost about 15 dollars.

Total Cost to Magnet Fish Charts

What you Need

Total Price30-50


Grappling Hook20
Cleaning Product15
Total Price85


Needed Items30-50
Extra Items85
All Items115-135


As you can see, there are a few things you will need to start magnet fishing. The obvious two are the magnet and the Paracord. The other objects you may want to consider purchasing are gloves, a bucket, a grappling hook, and a cleaning product such as Oxalic acid or vinegar.

The two basic items for magnet fishing will cost between $30 and $50. Adding gloves, a bucket, grappling hook, and oxalic acid will bring the total somewhere between $115 and $135.

I think it's totally worth it. Magnet fishing is so much fun, you never know what you might find! Plus, you might find something interesting with real value. If you get lucky, you might earn back your investment on magnet fishing gear.

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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