Date Nearly Turns Deadly When Dagger Magnet Fished From Watery Depths

In a viral video posted April 30, 2020—and reaching over 2.9 million views, The Fisher and his girlfriend take another stab at magnet fishing.

You may assume that pulling old objects out of polluted water for a living means you get no tail—but you would be completely wrong.

No, it doesn’t matter how you slice it, the popular YouTube star and his blonde-headed love interest, Olivia, have a definite attraction. Is it love, or is it the magnets?

Or is it the vengeful blade they pull from the briny deep?

I’m not sure, but this couple aren’t the only sharp-looking things in this video. You won’t believe what their magnets dredge up.

They begin by excitedly donning gloves before heaving their magnets into the water. Olivia is using the twelve-hundred pound magnet. The Fisher is hoisting the twenty-six hundred pound magnet.

It is notable to mention that for this video that The Fisher and his pink-shirted lady partner are using Brute Magnets.

Wasting no time chucking their magnets into the water, The Fisher and Olivia strike… not quite gold, but close.

They haul up a tarnished cake pan, a discarded wagon wheel from what must be a very long time ago, a strange-looking piece of scrap that The Fisher describes in his trademark jargon as a “metal tube with a foam thinger.”

They also find “just a big ole tube” and some kind of frame, perhaps a bike frame, and look at all those clams! You can tell just by looking at it that thing must stink. Jeez!

They dredge up a mystery piece of metal—could it be a spark plug?

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Of equal mysterious origin is the weird C-shaped piece of metal that their magnets pull up—or is it U-shaped, or N-shaped, for that matter? Either way, they’re only a T-shaped piece of metal way from turning this video R-rated.

Some more surprising finds are a little oily can opener, and some strange magnetic rocks— one of which is positively massive. Very unusual, it almost resembles an ax head, although it is easy to see upon examination that it’s no kind of weapon.

What Olivia pulls up last is definitely a weapon.

“Something like a medieval dagger,” The Fisher enthuses.

At the end of the video, a friendly bicyclist rides up and tells the couple that what they found is not a dagger at all—but a bayonet.

A bayonet is a knife that attaches to the end of a rifle, effectively turning it into a spear.

“When you’re shooting, you’re shooting,” the cyclist explains. “But when you’re at close range, then you’re stabbing.”

Incredible. What a legendary tool of warfare, found in such an innocent-seeming harbor.

“The Bill Clinton Era, they made you cut these off,” the knowledgeable cycling-samaritan goes on, examining the ring that affixes the blade to the rifle barrel, “so you couldn’t hook that—leave that—on your barrel.”

Babes, blades, and sunny days. If it all isn’t cool enough to made you want to become a traveling treasure hunter, slinging magnets into water—it turns out the real treasure might be in operating a successful magnet fishing YouTube channel.

According to Internet estimates, The Fisher, with over 600,000 YouTube subscribers and several viral videos with millions of views, earns up to $60,000 a month. Dang!

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The Fisher—whose real name is Tyler—doesn’t fish only with magnets. If you’re interested in more of what The Fisher is up to, he also operates the channels The Fisher Restorations, showcasing his restored magnet fishing finds, and The Fisher Gaming, where he—you guessed it—does some awesome gaming.

Many of The Fishers videos show him magnet fishing—and normal fishing—the famous waters around Fremont, Wisconsin, known as “the white bass capital of the world”.

In a video showcasing another lethal find, The Fisher dredges up a weed-entangled set of brass knuckles.

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