Finding Jewelry, Gold, Coins, and Historic Items Magnet Fishing: Is it Really Possible?

You might be wondering, what sorts of treasures you could find while magnet fishing in the open waters. For example, Is it possible to find jewelry magnet fishing?

The thing about this sport is it's a lot like fishing, anyone can take a pole and cast a line but not everyone can catch a fish. What makes some magnet fishers better then others is their geographical knowledge.

You can find jewelry, gold, coins, and historic items magnet fishing but it's not guaranteed and you need to pick the right location. For the best odds, find a popular body of water. Only specific coins (old) will be magnetic and gold is not magnetic at all. You can only retrieve gold if it's inside a metal box.

Let's go over this in a little more detail.

Finding Jewelry, Gold, Coins, and Historic Items Magnet Fishing Is it Really Possible
Finding Jewelry, Gold, Coins, and Historic Items Magnet Fishing
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What can you Find When Magnet Fishing?

Can you Find Jewelry?

It is very difficult and rare to find jewelry while magnet fishing. However, it can be done. Most of the jewelry you find will be cheap and worth nothing, though some people have found rings and watches worth a lot of money. It's all about picking the right location.

Can you Find Gold?

You can find gold magnet fishing but you won't directly pick up a gold coin unless it's fake or a metal coin plated with gold

Your best chance at finding a solid gold coin while magnet fishing is by getting lucky and finding a “treasure box” that is magnetic and filled with gold.

Can you Find Coins?

You can find coins magnet fishing but it will be limited to specific types of coins. Mostly they will be very old coins since they used to be made from magnetic materials in the past but not so much anymore. Some of these coins include old coins, Roman coins, 1943 US coins, some Uk coins, and Canadian nickels.

Can you Find Historic Items?

Historic items are one of the main things you will find while magnet fishing, especially if you're at the right spot. Do a little research and find a body of water in a location with historic significance. A good spot is one where a war took place. You will find lots of old military gear such as guns, knives, bullets, and dog tags.

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Why you May or May not Find Certain Items

First of all, precious metals on their own are not magnetic. They cannot be attracted to neodymium magnets. Rare earth magnets are actually used to separate and clear out metallic substances from precious metals like gold and silver so they can be easily identified.

So, if you think you’re going to stumble upon a brick of gold, and you’re new to the sport of magnet fishing, there isn’t much great news for you. That doesn’t mean you can’t find precious materials, people have reportedly found lost jewels encased in metallic boxes that aren’t made of precious metals.

There are cases where people stumble upon rare historic products and valuables that might sell for amazing prices in today’s antique market, however, it usually depends upon where they are and how lucky they are.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider while looking for jewelry magnet fishing.

How to Improve your Odds of Find Valuables While Magnet Fishing

Pick the Right Location

It could be a creek or a lake, or perhaps a bigger water body like a river or an ocean even. You have to choose wisely where you’re going to drop your Neodymium magnet to look for precious jewelry.

If your research skills are great, and you’re ready to invest a great amount of time, effort, and money, you can find the perfect spot for your jewelry hunt. Perhaps there’s an ongoing rumor of a hidden treasure or there’s a historic event that took place at that certain place.

You can take your magnet fishing kit and go to these places, searching for unexplored waters, looking for valuables and precious items. It is best to use magnets with a moderate pulling force so you can maneuver and comfortably handle the magnet find itself.

Use the Right Equipment

The equipment including the neodymium magnet and the strong rope doesn't have to be top-of-the-line, however, it should be decent quality. Check out my recent article about how much it costs to start magnet fishing more information about great starting equipment.

It's important to make sure that the pulling force and the weight of the magnet are both the right amount. If your just starting out then I would stick to about 350 Lbs. If you want to be a little risky you can go for a 500+ LB magnet. For finding jewelery though I don't think that much weight is necessary.

For the rope, make sure it is weighted more then the magnet. You need to use a good kind of rope with an overall tight grip and strong weave. A simple paracarod should be good enough.

Along with the ropes you need good clamps that you attach to both the rope and the magnet. Making sure to use the right quality of equipment is very essential for finding valuables in deep water and also for making sure you don't lose your magnet in the midst of the search.

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What Precious Items Can you Find Magnet Fishing?

It depends on what you might call precious items. If you’re happy to find anything at all and enjoy magnet fishing anyway then anything could be considered precious for you.

However, if you’re looking for actual valuable jewelry or valuable items, here are the different categories of goods that you might be able to find and get appraised by jewelers and antique stores.

Historical Equipment

This includes guns or parts of the ammunition of weapons that are now considered antiques and hold a lot of value in today’s antique market. This kind of equipment is more often found by magnet fishers from countries where historical wars have occurred.

You might have seen many shows and documentaries on people finding things from WWII in lakes and rivers while fishing for precious valuables and they’re all legit. And there is a high chance that you might also be able to find something precious like this.

Jewelry encased in metallic boxes or safes

Now, if you’re really lucky and you know where to look, you might actually be able to find entire safes, thrown into the water for any reason or jewelry boxes that are magnetic in nature. These boxes may contain real precious metal jewelry like necklaces, ornaments, etc.

There aren’t many repairs needed for such elements and you can get extremely high prices for them. You’ll definitely get more than you’re investing since magnet fishing is a fairly cheap sport compared to some of the others.

Metallic Antiques

It's possible to find antiques that used to be created hundreds of years ago and are now very rare. These are considered precious materials by antique enthusiasts all over the world. This includes metallic antiques like cutlery, pendants, and many other tools and equipment as well.

Finding such things is much more common than finding jewelry boxes so if you get your hands on something like this, make sure you don’t throw it away and instead clean it and take it to the antique store, who knows, what you’ve found may be more valuable than the jewelry we just talked about.

What to do if You Find Jewelry Magnetic Fishing?

If you were just casually looking for things with your magnet fishing kit, and you stumbled upon something that looks incredibly valuable like expensive jewelry, you should take the extra time to restore that item.

Obviously this has a rare chance of happening, but if you do find jewelry, you can follow these steps to restore and possibly sell your precious finds.

Clean and Preserve

What you need to do first, is take the equipment and the valuables with you and use some soap and water to clean and completely rid the material off of any sort of dirt or mold.

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If the materials are rusty you could soak them in a bowl of vinegar overnight and scrub them off in the morning. If there is still rust then let them soak even longer.

Once you’ve washed it thoroughly, you need to dry and preserve it using some kind of wrap or placing it in a drying atmosphere so it remains unchanged in its condition.

Appraisal of the Valuable

Now that you’ve cleaned the item, you need to take it to a suitable shop, where it can be assessed and inspected for its value. You should make sure that you check multiple stores so you can get an idea of the actual price of the equipment that you just found.

Selling the item

If you don’t want to keep the jewelry for yourself, you can easily sell it to any antique store or jewelry pawn shop after you’ve realized the market price of what you just found.

What Other People Have Found Using Magnet Fishing?

You might be curious as to what people might have found while magnet fishing themselves. Well, we have gathered some information on the biggest finds other magnet fishers shared with the world. Here are some of those finds.

Expensive jewelry and chains

Many people including this guy have found expensive jewelry and chains while looking in abandoned creeks and ponds using high-quality magnets and kits and have made a lot of money off of it.

Safes and treasures

People on a more professional level have also reported finding actual treasure chests filled with gold coins and precious metals that were lost or apparently a part of a ship wreckage somewhere on the oceanic floor.

Antique Weapons and Knives

People have also shared entire stories about their magnet fishing experiences and how they were able to find army knives and other antique weapons from the early 20th century and have video evidence to support their claims, sometimes their findings include unexploded bombs and other stuff.


The not so exciting part of some people’s magnet fishing experience is that they’ve found human remains probably of people who were in a sinking ship or perhaps who drowned due to some unfortunate reason.

These findings have been saved and documented through the use of live camera recordings and you can find most of these recordings on Youtube and other media sites.


It is definately possible to find all sorts of amazing things while magnetfishing, that's why it's so much fun to do it. You can find coins, gold, jewelry, and historic items if your really lucky.

You won't always find awesome stuff. Sometimes you will only find hooks, lures, and old pieces of metal. However, when you finally do real in a nice valuable catch it will be very rewarding.

Just keep in mind, a lot of valuable things aren't even magnetic. Like some jewelry (diamonds) or gold coins and necklaces. The only way you will get these items is if they are inside a metallic jewelry box. The good news is many people have found these before so you can too!

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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