How Magnet Fishing is Good for the Planet

Magnet fishing is fun and very rewarding. You can find so many interesting things when you throw a magnet into unexplored waters. You don't always find valuable items, but the fun is in the hunt. But did you know magnet fishing is good for the planet?

Metal has a way of polluting the aquatic ecosystem and contaminating our food and water supply. By removing that metal, the pollution will stop and the ecosystem can begin returning to normal, hence magnet fishing can be very beneficial to the environment.

If you haven't picked up magnet fishing yet, you should. It's becoming very popular and it's not surprising why. It's fun, cheap, rewarding, and it helps the planet.

How Magnet Fishing is Good for the Planet
How Magnet Fishing is Good for the Planet

What is Magnet Fishing

If you don't know what magnet fishing is it should be pretty obvious. A piece of paracord is put on a magnet via a carabiner or a rope knot.

The idea is to throw the magnet into the water and pull it back out with the rope. You need the right size magnet for magnet fishing otherwise it won't be strong enough to pull anything out. If you do it correctly, you should begin finding old metal and possibly some cool stuff.

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Magnet fishing is very similar to metal detecting oddly enough. They both use magnets to try and find hidden treasures. They are actually both great for the environment. If you haven't tried either one you're really missing out.

How is Magnet Fishing Beneficial for the Environment?

Negative Effects of Rusted Metal

There are many ways different types of metal objects find themselves in the waters. From old shipwrecks to selfish people carelessly throwing junk into the ocean. It's the sad truth we all have to live with.

Over time, these metal objects begin to rust. There are many health concerns involved with rusted metal inside of the oceans and our water supplies.

According to this article metal in drinking water can cause many health concerns. Not only does the metal get in the water supply, but it can also get in our food supply as well.

It happens when metal residue in contaminated habitats begin to bioaccumulate in the aquatic ecosystems. It can get into different plants that the fish eat, which means it effectively enters into the human food chain.

How Magnet Fishing is Good For The Planet And Can Help The Environment

Magnet fishing is great for the environment because it removes these metal objects from the water. The more metal that is removed from the water the better. Less metal means less pollution and fewer health concerns from consuming our food and water.

One person might not make a huge difference, however, magnet fishing is getting more and more popular and people are working together to clean our lakes and oceans. This could create a significant impact on the overall quality of our aquatic ecosystems.

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Are there any Negative Effects Caused by Magnet Fishing?

There's really not too much to worry about with magnet fishing as far as negative effects are concerned. The main danger to worry about is sharp objects injuring yourself. This is mostly resolved by wearing gloves.

Only on very rare occasions have there been some people who found active grenades with the pins still inside. Obviously this is a very dangerous situation. Not only for the fisher but it could also be a potential threat to the ecosystem.

If the bomb were to go off in the water, it could do a lot of damage to the wildlife. However, it's still good that these things are found and removed so nobody stumbles upon them later.

Overall, there are fewer bad things that could happen than good. Just be smart, and use proper precautions which is something you should do for any sport or hobby.

How can I Start Magnet Fishing to Help the Environment?

If you would like to take an active part in helping the environment it is pretty easy to get into magnet fishing. The only items you need are a rope and a magnet however, you should also get a pair of gloves as well.

In a recent article, I went over the cost to start magnet fishing. It's actually relatively cheap. Maybe around $50 to $100 depending on what you get. You can also refer the post where I reviewed the top 10 best magnet fishing kits.

Just remember, you will be pulling out a lot of junk metal. Have a plan to transport these items, and where you will dump them before you head out on your adventure. Always dispose of your magnet fishing finds properly.

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As you can see, there's no doubt that magnet fishing can have a positive effect on the environment. By removing the contamination, the ecosystem can start to clean and remove the pollutions.

If the metal was never removed the ecosystem would try to clean itself, however, the metal residue would continue infecting the area.

I'm glad magnet fishing is becoming more popular. I really think a lot of good will come out of it in the end.

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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