Magnet Fishing Kit In Anaconda Stores, Australia

The Anaconda retail chain originates in Australia and specializes in selling gear and apparel for outdoor activities. The company has retail locations in Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, and the Northern Territory, all within Australia.

A family in the Australian retailing industry established Anaconda in November 2004. The founders of Anaconda were concerned about the deterioration of Australia's outdoor and adventure culture due to the growing trend of individuals seeking leisure and entertainment opportunities indoors.

This family, avid fans of the great outdoors, concluded that Australia did not have a single location where one could purchase all of their outdoor and adventure gear. Along these lines, the idea for Anaconda, now Australia's largest camping and adventure superstore, was conceived.

Anaconda has over 70 stores across Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia and employs more than 2000 people.

Does Anaconda Store Sell Strong Magnets And Kits For Magnet Fishing?

Anaconda is your go-to, one-stop shop for all your outdoor and sporting goods needs in Australia. You can get gear for outdoor activities, including camping, tenting, hiking, services, and advice on using camping gear. They carry the widest variety of outdoor goods in Australia and only sell the highest quality products domestically and internationally.

Currently Anaconda does not stock any magnet fishing equipment. However, the interest in magnet fishing continues to grow, so retailers will soon start stocking the relevant products. You can only purchase any other equipment for outdoor leisure activities.

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Products You Can Find At Anaconda Store

One of Anaconda's main selling points is that it serves as a one-stop shop for all things related to outdoor recreation. You can purchase anything from water sports gear, footwear, clothing, camping, and hiking gear. In addition, the store features several outdoor activities categories, and you will likely find everything you need there.

Although Anaconda is the largest outdoor recreation and camping store in Australia, what is surprising is they do not sell even a single product related to magnet fishing. There are no products related to magnet fishing, not even magnets.

However, if you are interested in fishing as a whole, you can get a wide range of options to choose from. They have stocks of fishing rods, fishing reels, rod and reel combos, fishing lines, terminal tackle, fishing lures, and fishing storage like tackle boxes.

Also, if you are looking for tackle boxes to store your magnet fishing equipment, the tackle boxes available at Anaconda can suit your needs. They feature a Plano 6103 3 Tray Tackle Box, Plano 1354 4X Storage Tackle Box Clear, and an Anaconda Tackle Bag With 3 Tackle Boxes.

Tackle box for your magnet fishing kit

There are many more options available. You can purchase your magnet, nylon rope, and protective gloves elsewhere and get your tackle box from Anaconda.

You can also create an order for an online order by accessing the site via your browser. The chain is active on Facebook and always eager to share an image of a new item that would make a great gift or warrant a visit to their store.

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So Where Can I Buy A Magnet Fishing Kit In Australia?

Although Anaconda stores sell various products, particularly gear and apparel for outdoor activities, the retailer does not currently carry any items designed for magnet fishing. However, if you want to participate in the usual fishing activities, they have a wide variety of tools and gear available for purchase.

Anaconda is the largest camping and adventure store in Australia and if they don't carry magnet fishing kits our fellow Aussies are out of luck to get a good kit in store.

Your only options is to buy a magnet fishing kit online.

There is always Amazon. While I did see does not provide as any magnet fishing items, you can always buy magnets and magnet fishing kits from and ship it to Australia from anywhere between $15 – $50 USD. The shipping is almost the same price as the magnet fishing kit.

Shipping a kit from US from is expensive

Magnetar Magnetics

Magnetar Magnetics is a family run business selling fishing magnets to people all over the world for more than 8 years. Magnetar is well known for the quality magnets and kits they sell. Their customer love them. Magnetar that have a nice collection of neodymium magnets and magnet fishing kits will ship them all over the world including any where in Australia. If you buy items worth more than $80 they will even ship it free for you.

Two other well known websites that sell awesome magnet fishing kits are Muscular Magnetics and Kratos Magnetics. However, their website does not list the shipping cost for shipping to Australia.

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