Does Harbor Freight Tools Store Sell Magnet Fishing Kits or Neodymium Fishing Magnets?

Harbor Freight Tools Store also called Harbor Freight, is a hardware and equipment store. Eric Smidt and his dad Allan Smidt started Harbor Freight in 1977, in North Hollywood California. They started as a mail order business but today they have over 1300 retail stores in 48 US states.

Harbor Freight's first retail store in Lexington, Kentucky

Does Harbor Freight Tools Store Sell Magnets and Kits For Magnet Fishing ?

While Harbor Freight may sell may tools and accessories, currently (in year 2022) Harbor Freight does not sell any neodymium magnets for magnet fishing or any magnet fishing kits.

Harbor Freight sell more than more than 7,000 tools and accessories, from hand tools, generators to air and power tools, from shop equipment to automotive tools. They also sell some magnetic products and accessories but nothing for magnet fishing specifically.

Largest Magnet sold in Harbor Freight and can it be used for Magnet Fishing?

The largest magnet they sell is a 81mm round ceramic iron ferrite magnet with a steel casing around it and a through-hole in the middle. The magnet also comes with a screw and hook. Harbor Freight says this magnet has a pull force of 95 pounds. The intention of the product is to hold emergency trouble lights on your car when it is stranded in the side of the road or when you are working under the hood and need some light.

81 mm Ceramic Iron Ferrite Circle Magnet at Harbor Freight

Can this be used for magnet fishing?

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The circle magnet does come with a nice through-hole in the middle, screw and hook and has a 95 pound pull force but this magnet is not suitable for magnet fishing. While the magnet has steel ring protecting it, it is made up of a ceramic iron ferrite material. This is a very brittle material and breaks easily. This may work well if you just stick it some where and leave it alone. However, in magnet fishing you will be literally throwing your magnet and in a lot of cases they will hit hard objects – rocks, piers, bridges, docks. The ceramic material is brittle so will shatter and break.

Hence, this 81 mm Ceramic Iron Ferrite Circle Magnet cannot be used for magnet fishing.

There is also a similar magnet but in a smaller 50mm size.

Other magnetic product at Harbor Freight

They do sell small 5/16 inch neodymium magnetic disks that come in a 10s pack. These are tool small and cannot be used for magnet fishing.

They also sell a pack of assorted ceramic iron ferrite magnets intended for being used in arts and crafts projects for kids. They come is a pack of 16 but in different shapes and sizes (disc, rectangular block). They are made up of ceramic iron ferrite material. These are also small magnets the size of an inch or smaller. These cannot be used for magnet fishing due to their small size and their brittleness.

Harbor Freight also sells

  • Different type of magnetic hooks
  • different types of magnetic clips
  • fridge magnets
  • magnetic screen doors
  • magnetic pick up tool to pick dropped tools, nuts, screws and bolts
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While Harbor Freight has every tool, hardware or accessory I need and sell them for a low price when compared to other stores like Home Depot or Lowes, currently they do not sell any products specifically for magnet fishers. The magnets they sell are small magnets meant for home projects or kids arts and crafts projects.

May be the next time we go to our local Harbor Freight's store we can all speak to the store manager and ask them to stock a few fishing magnets and fishing magnet kits. Until then we have to buy it from online website.

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