Top 10 Best Carabiners for Magnet Fishing: Everything you Need to Know

A carabiner is a very useful tool to have when you go magnet fishing. Tying the magnet to the rope using a good knot is something that many prefer.

However, by doing so, you won’t be able to quickly switch between magnets. This is where a carabiner comes in. You can attach different carabiners to different magnets and just switch when needed.

This comes in real handy if you prefer magnet fishing with different magnets. There is a small disadvantage though as the effectiveness of the carabiner is limited to its quality.

Here, we will be taking a look at some of the best carabiners for magnet fishing so that you can go ahead and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The top 10 best carabiners for magnet fishing are:

  • Outmate
  • Sturme
  • Gold Lion Gear
  • Nite Ize
  • Sucrown
  • Prond
  • ASelected
  • Favofit
  • Xinda
  • TrekProof
Top 10 Best Carabiners for Magnet Fishing

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What to Look For?

A carabiner comes in different types and strengths. Due to a large number of options available, buying the right carabiner might feel a bit intimidating at first. To help you in this regard, we will be breaking down the various important factors you need to consider when buying the right carabiner.

Build Quality

The last thing you need is to have your carabiner break apart when you pull your loot out of the water. To ensure that this never happens, always go for a superior quality carabiner.

Whether it is a carabiner that can support up to 500lbs or 50lbs, quality is something you should never compromise on. It may cost a little bit extra but you will always get better value for it over time.


A carabiner comes in many different types such as Oval, D-shape, Offset D, pear-shaped, and so on. Each type offers a unique functionality due to its design.

The oval one, for instance, shares the load equally across all of its parts and is ideal for fishing out small objects whereas the D shape-shifts the weight to its strongest part.

This makes a D-shape carabiner ideal for magnet fishing purposes in general. You can do a little bit of research on the different types and see which one works best for your needs.

Locking Mechanism

A carabiner either comes with a locking mechanism or a non-locking one. A locking carabiner is available in different types such as screw-lock, twist-lock, and magnetic lock.

You need to spend a little bit of time and effort when it comes to a screw-lock carabiner but you will have more control over how tight you want it to be.

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The twist-lock one requires you to use both hands and while it secures the object firmly, it can be difficult to open it. You can find guides that have more information on these types to help you make an informed decision.

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Best Carabiners for Light Loads

Outmate – One of the Best Affordable Low Load Carabiner

If you prefer fishing for small objects and are looking to get an affordable carabiner, then this one might be a great option to consider. It is small, lightweight (but strong) and comes with a maximum static force of 150lbs.

It is made out of aero grade aluminum alloy and is resistant to water and abrasion making it ideal for magnet fishing. This comes with a maximum strength of 150lbs (static force) which is more than enough if you like magnet fishing for coins, small tools, and other small objects.

It utilizes a screw lock functionality and requires you to turn it approximately eight to twelve times to lock or unlock. You also get incredible value too as you get 6 pieces and a 1-year hassle-free warranty on top which is a great deal overall.

The build quality is greatDoesn’t come with a textured surface for better grip
You get 6 pieces in totalNo color options
Extremely affordable price point
Perfect for light loads

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

STURME – One of the Best Value Low Load Carabiner

If it’s value for money you are looking for, then this one pretty much takes the cake. It comes in seven color options, aluminum alloy body, D-ring design, keychain ring, maximum strength of 50lbs, and a one year “no questions asked” warranty.

Similar to the first product, this one is also made out of aircraft aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight and durable. You also get keychain rings with it allowing you to easily carry it with you wherever you go.

It features a spring-loaded gate which makes it easy to use and can hold up to a maximum of 50lbs of static force. This makes it ideal for fishing small objects out of the water.

It not only comes at an affordable price but you also get twelve carabiners. This, along with its multi-purpose use, makes it a great value product overall.

It comes with a wide array of color optionsSometimes you end up getting the wrong color option
The D-ring design makes it ideal for magnet fishingOnly suitable for lightweight items
It’s very easy to lock and unlock
Incredible value for money

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Gold Lion Gear – One of the Best Alternate Low Load Carabiner

This is a great option for those looking to buy a carabiner that can support up to 100lbs of static force. You get two color variants, single-hand usage capability, clip closure, keyrings, and a locking mechanism for extra security.

You get a total of five carabiners which makes it worth the money. The lightweight aluminum build and spring-loaded gate make it very easy to use. You can secure the rope to your magnet using only one hand which makes it very convenient to use.

With a maximum strength of 100lbs, it falls in the mid-range spectrum when it comes to low load carabiners and is ideal for casual and intermediate magnet fishermen. While it’s more than enough for lightweight objects, the locking mechanism is not as sturdy as you want it to be.

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You get 10 keyrings with itThe locking mechanism doesn’t feel very sturdy
Easy single-hand usage
It comes with a lifetime guarantee

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Nitelze – One of the Best Multipurpose Carabiner for Beginners

This one is a great product for those who are new to magnet fishing as it comes in multiple sizes and strengths. You get five different size options (each with a different strength), seven color options, “S” shaped design, stainless steel/aluminum construction, and a worry-free guarantee.

This is a non-locking carabiner that is ideal for beginners as you can choose the strength and size you require. Although each size has a different strength, each one is available in either stainless steel or aluminum.

For magnet fishing, the size 4 or 5 option would be the ideal ones to go for as they come with a maximum strength of 75lbs and 100lbs respectively. You can also instantly attach it to your magnet, making it very user friendly.

It comes in both stainless steel and aluminumNo locking mechanism
You get a worry-free guaranteeThe S-shaped design doesn’t evenly distribute weight
Pretty strong for their size and weight
It can be used for multiple purposes

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Best Carabiners for Mid Weight Range Loads

SucrownSpring Snap Hook Carabiner – One of the Best Carabiner for Beginners and Intermediate Users

If you love magnet fishing and want to move on to bigger objects, then this is one product you should consider using. It comes with 6 carabiners, 304 stainless steel construction, snap spring gate, and a ton of versatility.

What makes this product so unique is that it offers 6 carabiners (2 x 2 inch, 2 x 2.36 inch and 2 x 3.15 inch). The 2” one comes with a maximum strength of 198lbs, the 2.36” one comes with a maximum strength of 297lbs and the 3.15” one provides a maximum strength of 440lbs.

This allows you to use different magnets, making it ideal for beginners who want to take their magnet fishing skills to the next level. All of them also come with high-quality construction and are very durable.

You get exceptional value for moneyThe non-textured surface makes it a little bit slippery
It comes at an absurdly affordable price tag
You get tremendous versatility from all three sizes
Quickly connect or disconnect ropes

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

PROND Locking Carabiner – One of the Best Sturdy Mid Weight-Range Carabiner

If its long term value you seek, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It comes with a solid 316 stainless steel construction, screw-lock closure with spring clip lock, 90-day guarantee, and maximum strength of 540lbs.

The best aspect of this carabiner is that it lasts very long. The D-nut buckle design along with stainless steel construction and rugged build quality ensures that it will stay strong for a long time without faltering.

Unlike a lot of the other carabiners, this one is made for mountaineering and rock climbing so this is far stronger than most of its competitors. The locking mechanism is simple and easy to connect and disconnect whenever necessary, which makes it ideal for magnet fishing.

It’s extremely durable and rust-resistantIt is substantially more expensive than other carabiners
Industrial grade build quality
Ideal for all sort of outdoor activities

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

ASelected Carabiner – One of the Best Value Mid Weight-Range Carabiner

This is right in between mid-range and heavy-duty carabiners and provides an unbelievable amount of value; thanks to its strength, cost, and multi-purpose functionality. It comes with 30 carabiners, a spring-loaded gate, zinc-galvanized steel construction, and maximum strength of 250lbs.

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When it comes to build quality, it is well made and offers plenty of strength to those who want to fish out larger objects from the water. It’s also corrosion and rust-resistant which is always a plus for magnet fishing purposes.

The spring-loaded gate is easy to use and you can open and close it with very little effort or time making it perfect for those who own multiple magnets. You also get 30 carabiners in this pack at an affordable price which gives you a ton of value over time.

The build quality is very impressive for its priceYou don’t get any color options
You get 30 carabiners with this packThe design looks a bit bland
It is anti-rust and anti-corrosion
Exceptional value for money

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Best Carabiners for Heavy Loads

FavoFit Carabiner – One of the Best Heavy Duty Carabiners

With a maximum strength of 5620lbs, it’s pretty much overkill for magnet fishing alone but you can always use it for multiple other purposes as well. It features aircraft-grade aluminum construction, twist-lock functionality, auto-locking mechanism, and 3 carabiners.

Given its design, it’s important to note that it has a maximum strength of 5620lbs only on its major axis. On its minor axis, it can support only up to 1573lbs which is still an insanely high number for magnet fishing.

The twist-lock design makes it very easy to use too as all you have to do is twist the barrel and push against the spring load. Once opened, you can release it to make it lock back in automatically. It’s also UIAA certified and can be used for various heavy-duty purposes.

Unbelievable strengthIt lacks UK/EU certification
UIAA certified constructionIt’s a bit on the expensive side
One-hand locking functionality
Auto-locking mechanism

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

XINDA Screwgate Locking Carabiner – One of the Best Value Heavy Duty Carabiners

It comes in five color options, 7075 aviation aluminum construction, D-shape design, screw-lock closure, and maximum strength of 5500lbs. Visually, these are pretty unique; thanks to the design and color choices.

Similar to the previous product, the weight limit will differ based on its axis. Its long axis can support up to 5500lbs but the short one can only withstand up to 1750lbs. So make sure you are connecting your rope along the long axis if you want to fish out very large objects.

It features a screw lock mechanism so you might need both hands to open and close it. What makes it such a great value product is that it is highly versatile, very strong, and will last for a long time.

Great strength and durabilityIt takes a little bit of time and effort to open and close it
Amazing versatilityNo single hand usage functionality
Very affordable price tag
Colors look amazing

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

TrekProof Locking Carabiner – One of the Best Easy-to-Use Heavy Duty Carabiners

It comes with high-quality steel construction, 2 carabiners, single-hand usage capability, a smart locking system, and maximum strength of 4000lbs. If you are looking for an easy to use heavy duty carabiner, this one might be the perfect fit for you.

It is crafted with a high quality steel alloy and features a snag-free spring mechanism for easy connecting and disconnecting. You can open it and close it with a single hand, making it ideal for magnet fishing.

The ease of use provided by this carabiner cannot be understated. Unlike other products, this one is designed to save you time and effort when it comes to usage. It’s also rust and weather resistant allowing you to enjoy magnet fishing whether it’s sunny, rainy, or cold.

It is both rust and weather-resistantThe paint might get chipped away over time
Extremely easy to use even with a single handIt is heavier than the standard carabiner
Strong and durable
Steel alloy construction

If you’re interested, check out more reviews on Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Believe the Carabiners Maximum Strength Numbers Provided by the Manufacturer?

Most products online will provide information regarding certification when it comes to heavy-duty carabiners. The low load ones might not offer them as they are only meant for light use.

It’s also important to note that all maximum strength numbers are benchmarked and tested in ideal conditions. Most of them also pertain to static force so you have to take it with a grain of salt.

Always go for a lighter load than its maximum weight capacity to ensure safety.

What Type of Carabiner Should I Go For?

This will mostly depend on your purpose and experience. Some are incredibly secure but will require a little bit of time and effort to open and close them whereas others come with locking mechanisms that can be used with a single hand.

There are plenty of guides out there today regarding the different types of carabiners. You can go through them and see which type works for your needs.

Is There a Reason Why I Should Go For a Heavy Duty Carabiner?

In most cases, you won’t be pulling incredibly heavy objects out of the water when you go magnet fishing. It is important to remember that pulling an object in water is very different from doing it on land.

Even if you don’t plan on fishing out large objects, a heavy-duty carabiner can be used for multiple uses. So you will always get great value for them over time.


When it comes to buying a carabiner for magnet fishing, you must always do enough research. With so many products online, you can only trust single source reviews so much. Try looking for reviews from multiple sources before you buy any.

You should also always buy a carabiner that has more strength than what you are aiming for to be on the safe side. Even if it takes some time and effort, a well-researched purchase will always be a better choice than an impulse buy. Happy shopping!

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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