What Can You Find Magnet Fishing? List of 20 Things People Actually Found!

You might be wondering if magnet fishing is for you. Maybe you've seen YouTubers posting videos of their adventures and it made you curious.

There are some crazy videos where people find all sorts of awesome things. It might get you excited and wanting to get in on the action.

It's true you can find some cool stuff, just know most of the time you'll be getting a lot of junk.

Here are 20 things you can find magnet fishing:

  1. Scrap metal
  2. Lures
  3. Iphones
  4. Rings
  5. Watches
  6. Anklets
  7. Necklaces
  8. Belt Buckles
  9. Gold (not directly)
  10. Old Coins
  11. Roman Coins
  12. 1943 US Coins
  13. Some UK Coins
  14. Canadian Nickels
  15. Knives
  16. Guns
  17. Bombs
  18. WWII Relics
  19. Civil War Relics
  20. Meteorites

Let's look at this list in a little more detail.

What Can You Find Magnet Fishing List of 20 Things People Actually Found

What Sorts of Treasures can you Find While Magnet Fishing?

The word “treasure” might have a different meaning depending on the person. You can definitely find some interesting stuff that I would consider treasures. Things like ancient artifacts, old coins, and even WWII relics.

Can you Find Scrap Metal?

Definitely you will find scrap metal while magnet fishing. In fact, it's the number one item you will be pulling out of the water.

Scrap metal is probably the least exciting thing you will find. However, you are doing the rivers and lakes a great Justice by retrieving these items.

Don't feel bad if that's the only thing you find during an outing. Remember, there's always tomorrow to try again.

Can you Find Lures?

Lures are super common to find while magnet fishing. You can actually retrieve some pretty decent setups that you could use yourself if you're a fisherman. It's a great way to save money on lures.

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Can you Find an Iphone?

You can find Androids and iPhones while magnet fishing and surprisingly they may still be functional as well. You would think that wouldn't be true but crazier things have happened.

If the phone is waterproof it should be able to survive at least for a little while. And according to this Reddit discussion, the magnet won't actually destroy newer phones like they would on older phones.

The magnet should safely attach to the phone's battery without destroying the storage. Apparently, phones are just built tougher now.

A magnetic field strong enough to affect the storage would also be strong enough to rip the iron from your body. Basically, it won't happen.

Can you Find Jewelry?

It's definitely possible to find jewelry while magnet fishing. Many people have actually made videos about it on YouTube. Not only have they found pieces of jewelry, but they've also found boxes full of rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.

What types of jewelery can you find magnet fishing:

  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Watches
  • Anklets
  • Necklaces
  • Belt Buckles

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Can you Find Gold?

Finding gold while magnet fishing is a tricky one. It is possible, and it has been done before. However, you can't pick up gold directly from your magnet.

Is Gold Magnetic?

The reason finding gold while magnet fishing is complicated is due to the fact pure gold is not magnetic. Actually, gold is repelled by a magnet.

Gold alloys are also not magnetic. Though, they could have magnetic impurities.

How Would You Find Gold Jewelry Then?

There are a few ways you can find gold while magnet fishing. You can find certain types of gold jewelry. Often these pieces have small amounts of magnetic metals, usually in the locking mechanism.

There's also a chance that you could find alloys of gold. Any gold that contains more than 20% of its atoms replaced by iron could actually be attracted to a magnet. Especially in colder climates.

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Can you Find Coins?

You can find some coins while magnet fishing if they're made from the right material. Coins made of gold, aluminum, and silver will not be attracted to the magnet. However, some coins, like those made of iron do have magnetic domains.

Most coins nowadays are not magnetic. However, there are still some coins produced today that are magnetic. You can also find some old coins that could be pretty valuable.

You can find the following coins while magnet fishing:

  • Old Coins
  • Roman Coins
  • 1943 US Coins
  • Some UK Coins
  • Canadian Nickels

Can you Find Weapons?

Of course, you can find plenty of weapons while magnet fishing. It's important to always be safe, and follow your area's laws and regulations if you happen to find any guns, knives, or bombs.


Knives are the least of the worries when it comes to finding weapons but you should still be careful. Getting cut by a rusted knife is very dangerous.

Also, some areas regulate the size of the blade that you're allowed to carry in public. If you insist on taking it home with you, put it in storage until you get home.


Guns can also be found while magnet fishing. Again, always check your area's laws as it may be illegal to try and possess the firearm. For example, in the UK, if you're found with it you could get 5 years in jail for not having a license.


In this video they found a 9mm handgun and some other guns as well


You can find bombs magnet fishing. If you do I encourage you not to pull it out of the water. Instead, call the police and avoid the area just in case the bomb is still active.

Can you Find Relics?

Depending on your location you can find all sorts of interesting relics and artifacts. People have found things like old weapons, coins, equipment, horseshoes, and old nails.

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There's really no limit on what you can find. It all comes down to researching the area and figuring out what sort of historical significance the area has that you choose to magnet fishing at.

If you choose a great spot, like the people in the following videos, you'll have no problem finding WW2 relics, Civil War relics, etc.

WW2 Relics

In this video, they are magnet fishing by a WW2 US Base and found some cool relics.

Civil War Relics

In this video, they are Magnet fishing in a creek in North Georgia and found some Civil War relics

Can you Find Meteorites

It is possible to find meteorites while magnet fishing. Most meteorites will contain at least a little bit of metallic iron/nickel which is magnetic.

Though, you really need to look closely. It's easy to confuse a meteorite with industrial slag. One easy way to tell the difference is a meteorite will have a fusion crust.

While you can find meteorites magnet fishing, you won't find any of the more elusive and remarkable types. This is because meteorites such as the Lunar, Martian, and Igneous types, do not contain any metal.

Most Expensive Find Magnet Fishing

I've never been lucky enough to find anything too expensive. However, many other YouTubers have been very successful while magnet fishing. I am surprised at some of the expensive things that they have found.

Some of the most expensive things you can find while magnet fishing include:

  • Airpods
  • Rare & valuable artifacts
  • Box of jewelry
  • Webley 320 revolver
  • iPhones
  • Other treasures

Coolest Magnet Fishing Finds

The coolest thing I've seen someone find while magnet fishing is an 1851 Navy Revolver. Unfortunately, it wasn't an original as OP had thought, but it was still cool.

The gun was in pristine condition too. I couldn't see a scratch on it. Also, these remade guns go for about 100-200 dollars so it was definitely a good find.

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There are all sorts of things you can find while magnet fishing, that's why it's so fun. You can find phones, money, artifacts, and much more.

Most of the time, however, all you'll be pulling out is scrap metal. This is still a rewarding experience because you get to help make the planet a little cleaner, and more beautiful.

Remember, every magnet fishing trip is a successful one. Even if all you find is trash.

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