What to do with Magnet Fishing Finds: Dispose and Recycle

Just like metal detecting, magnet fishing is a great hobby to get into. Every time you go out you never know what you might find. Mostly, it will just be rusted scrap metal. However, there's always a chance you might find something valuable.

What to do with magnet fishing finds? That's the question. Do you toss it? Scrap it? Recycle it? The answer is yes.

Your magnet fishing finds, for the most part, can be tossed in the trash. If you're able to, they should be thrown in a recycle bin that's designated for metal. You could also scrap your junk metal for a small profit if you choose, but it's not necessary.

Let's look at this a little bit more and see if I can answer any more of your questions about this topic.

What to do with Magnet Fishing Finds Dispose and Recycle
What to do with Magnet Fishing Finds Dispose and Recycle

What Might you Find While Magnet Fishing?

There are a few things you can find while magnet fishing. About 90% of the time it will be worthless junk metal. However, here is a list of a few other things people have found.

  • Jewelry
  • Gold
  • Old coins
  • Ancient artifacts
  • Fish hooks
  • Lures
  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Another magnet!

The best find, in my opinion, is that second magnet. Think about it, you go in with one and come out with two. Talk about doubling your magnet net worth!

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What to do with the Junk?

If you can't recycle, the next best option is to toss the scrap in the trash. However, most businesses will have big dumpsters designed for recycling metal that you can toss it into.

If you wanted to make a quick buck, you could stockpile the metal and take it to a junkyard once you had enough. You won't make much, last time I checked it was about 10-15 cents per pound. You won't get rich, but it's something, which is better than nothing.

If you're interested in making money, check out this article about how to make money magnet fishing.

What to do with any Weapons?

If you find a weapon while magnet fishing be very careful. If it's a gun always expect that it is loaded and treat it as such. Point it in a safe direction and don't touch the trigger or bump the weapon. You want to call the non-emergency police number for your area to report the weapon.

Most likely the police will confiscate the firearm. In most places, it's illegal to own a gun that is not registered to you. The weapon might also be evidence for some sort of crime.

If you find a knife, you should be okay to take it. Just be careful as there are some laws around what size blades are allowed out in the open. To be safe, put it away as soon as you find it.

Any other weapons you will want to check your laws for magnet fishing finds, and use common sense.

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What if I Find Jewlery?

If you find jewelry while magnet fishing, it might be your lucky day. That is if it's real. I suggest cleaning it off with some soap and water to get all the dirt and junk off of it. You should be able to get a better look to see if it's valuable or not.

If it's super rusted, there are a few methods to restore it. You can use vinegar or oxalic acid. You'll want to dilute it with water and let it sit in the solution overnight. Rinse it off the next day and see how it looks. Repeat if necessary.

Once your jewelry has been restored you can take it to a jewelry store to get it appraised. If you're lucky, they might even give you an offer on the spot. I watched a YouTube video Where he made $100 doing this.

What About Antiques?

If you find antiques while magnet fishing you can treat it similar to jewelry. You may want to opt-out of the oxalic acid it might be too strong and tarnish the historic item.

Take your time and be careful with it. Once it's restored or easier to see what it is, take it to a pawn shop or antique dealer and get it appraised. Hopefully, it's valuable, you never know what you have until a professional looks at it.

How to Transport your Magnet Fishing Finds

The best thing to use, of course, is a pickup truck. You can throw everything in the bed and be on your way. If you don't have a pickup truck you could use a trailer if it's enclosed.

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You don't really want to use a car because it could be messy. If that's your only option, make sure everything is in a sealed container. I would also lay a tarp down in the trunk of your car just in case it leaks.

You could also try getting one of those big totes from Walmart, as long as it will fit inside your trunk. Trust me, it's not easy to get all those stains out of the carpet. It's better to be safe than sorry.


You should now have a better idea of what to do with your magnet fishing finds and also how to transport them. It's a little different depending on what exactly you found.

What to do with magnet fishing finds

  • Old metal will be tossed or recycled if possible. You could also scrap it but it's debatable whether that's worth it.
  • Jewelry and antiques should be restored and appraised. You might have something valuable, or perhaps worth being in a museum.
  • Weapons should be treated with care and reported to the police as soon as possible. Check the laws of your area to make sure it's okay before taking anything home with you.

I hope this article answered all your questions. This was one of my first questions when I started magnet fishing and I had to search everywhere for the answers.

Enjoy your magnet fishing adventure! If you find anything cool please send us a picture! Tell us your story so we can share it with the other readers!

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