Where To Find Neodymium Magnets?

Neodymium magnets are used in a wide variety of items today. They are now in demand thanks to activities such as magnet fishing. You can find them everywhere, from electronics to windmills and electric pumps. However, if you are looking to salvage one to use it elsewhere, then it may be a good idea. This article will look at the possible places you can find neodymium magnets.

Salvaging Neodymium Magnets From Audio Equipment

Speakers use permanent magnets and a current-carrying coil to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is then used to move the cone, which alters the air pressure in the vicinity to create audible sound.

Magnet in Speaker
Magnets in Speakers

Microphones are devices in which sound waves are converted into electrical current using a diaphragm and coil of wire housed within a permanent magnet. Moving the coil through the magnetic field created by the permanent magnet produces an electrical signal representing the original sound.

You can easily salvage neodymium magnets from these audio systems for reuse in either magnet fishing or any other use case you have in mind. Recycling magnets from old hard drives is a good option for finding magnets up to an inch in size. There are likely millions of unused hard drives from the 2000s, which still work perfectly fine later.

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Where Else Can I Find Neodymium Magnets Apart From Audio Equipment?

Magnetic door catches made with neodymium magnets can be found in many different types of buildings, including commercial, public, and residential ones. You can unlock a door with a magnet or steel disk on the wall if you install a pot magnet or countersunk magnet into the door's surface. However, the door's weight is no match for powerful neodymium magnets, and you can easily disengage the magnets with the help of the door's leverage.

Look for scrap metal from wind turbine manufacturers. When a windmill company fails, it often leaves a lot of neo-magnets. So you can reach out to them and see if you will get lucky.

There are Neodymium Magnets in Wind Turbine

You can also look for companies selling large neo-magnets salvaged from decommissioned MRI machines. Large neodymium magnets are used in many ‘open' MRI machines in hospitals, and these machines have been shown to save patients' lives. Unfortunately, these contain hundreds of large neos, and you will lose several fingers if you make even a single mistake while extracting them.

neodymium magnets in MRI machines
Neodymium Magnets used in MRI machine

Other Potential Locations To Discover A Neodymium Magnet

Non-Functioning Electromagnetic pumps

Impellers in magnetically coupled pumps are connected to a second shaft via a smaller ring of magnets that sits within the larger ring of magnets driven by the motor. The impeller is powered by a second set of magnets that are turned by the magnetic field created when the motor rotates the drive shaft and one set of magnets. The impeller and the motor in this design do not physically interact.


Magnetic levitation is the basis of magnetic bearings, which allow for the frictionless movement of components. They allow for relative motion at low friction and no mechanical wear, even at extremely high velocities. While electromagnets are used in active magnetic bearings, permanent magnets like neodymium magnets are used in passive magnetic bearings.

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Engines And Generators In Power Plants

You can find neodymium magnets in electrical motors using a permanent magnet (typically a neodymium magnet) and an electromagnet to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. In contrast, a generator can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by moving a conductor through a magnetic field.

Magnetic Induction motor

Old Lifting Machinery

When working with large ferrous items, permanent magnets are necessary for the heavy engineering and manufacturing sectors. These days, switchable release magnets made with super-powerful neodymium magnets are widely used because of their convenient switching mechanism. You can reach out to factories or manufacturing plants that use lifting machinery and see if any salvaged neo-magnets are for sale or available for giveaway.

Point-Of-Sale Displays for Rare Earth Magnet Family

You are surrounded by neodymium rare earth magnets whenever you enter a store or a restaurant, even if you don't know it. This is due to the prevalence of neodymium powerful magnets, which are used in everything from the assembly of point-of-sale display advertising signs and stands to the suspension of signs from steel ceilings. So if you get your hands on one of these, you can find a few neodymium magnets.

Sensors For Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Neodymium magnets are used in passive ABS sensors, which are then wrapped in copper coils. To measure the rotational speed of the ABS reluctor ring, a voltage is induced in a copper wire that is then sent to a sensor. The car's computer system keeps an eye on this signal to determine the rotational velocity of each wheel. These attracting magnets can be very strong magnets and easy to find.

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Modeling, Artwork, And Handiwork

The use of neodymium magnets is widespread in the hobby and model-making communities. Their potency allows even a miniature magnet to exert a significant magnetic field. As a result, everyone from fans of tabletop war games like Warhammer to crafters of homemade stationery and greeting cards uses them as their go-to magnet. These aren't always the strongest magnets, and are similar to what could be used in cell phones.

Also, using magnets to hang artwork has become increasingly commonplace in commercial spaces like museums, galleries, and private homes. Even large works of art can be quickly swapped out and rearranged because small neodymium magnets can support substantial weight, even in a shear position.

Print Formatting

In the print finishing and formatting industry, small neodymium magnets are commonly used because a thin magnet can attract some other magnet, even if both are covered by a sheet of paper, card, or plastic. Magnets are a popular choice for most customers because they can be a hidden fastener for various products, including binders, brochures, and even premium packaging. Typically, two magnets are used, but just one magnet and a steel disc will do the trick.


Large neodymium magnets can be found online or by contacting metals businesses. Since these magnets have widespread industrial applications, only a few companies stock and sell them. As we mentioned above, you can also get them from old appliances.

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